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Gernado’s new reggae/gospel single “Liveth” spreads positivity and joy through the power of music





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About The Release

Reggae and gospel fans are in for a treat as Gernado, the multi-talented musician, songwriter, and producer, releases his latest single, “Liveth.” The track is set to spread positivity, joy, and upliftment through its infectious beats, powerful lyrics, and euphoric instrumentation.

Driven by a lively reggae beat, “Liveth” is a feel-good track that seamlessly fuses the essence of gospel music with the uplifting rhythms of reggae. Gernado’s dynamic vocals, combined with his compelling lyricism, make for an unforgettable listening experience. The single’s message is centered on the power of hope and how it can sustain and uplift one’s life.

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The euphoric instrumentation of the single, coupled with Gernado’s smooth delivery, will have you swaying along to the beat and singing the catchy hook long after the song is over. With its irresistible melody, Gernado has crafted a track that transcends genre and will appeal to music lovers across the board.

“Liveth” is a testament to Gernado’s versatility as a musician, showcasing his ability to blend multiple genres into a cohesive and uplifting sound. The single is set to be released on all digital streaming platforms on February 17th and is poised to become a fan favorite for both reggae and gospel fans alike.

About Gernado

GERNADO ( JAH Na Do) is a U.S.-born artist living bi-coastal. The sunshine boy hails from Florida to the golden state of California. Being Useful Never Giving In. Mr.Persistence with lots of Positive Vibes.

This multi-talented songwriter, artist, and producer is an entrepreneur continuing to reach new heights in his new musical endeavors.

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