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Do you enjoy having eggs? here’s the perfect kitchen tool for you




Soft-boiled eggs are either loved or despised. For many people, it’s the best way to eat an egg that’s neither too hard nor too soft. Soft-boiled eggs have the disadvantage of being more difficult to peel than hard-boiled eggs, making it easy to compromise the egg’s overall structural integrity. So, if you want to eat more of your eggs straight from the plate and throw away less, an egg topper can make soft-boiled eggs a little more enjoyable. Egg toppers are simple tools that cut through the shell and remove the top of the white to reveal the soft, yolky interior using a spring-loaded set of blades.

What We Actually liked about the best egg topper

This complete set has everything you need to cut, serve, scoop, and enjoy perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs, making it a great gift for the kitchen gadget collector in your life and a must-have for those who enjoy soft-boiled eggs. The topper itself has a spring mechanism and a vibration-activated shell remover that cuts the shells and cooked whites cleanly and consistently. The cups that come with the kit can be used as a base for scoring the egg as well as an elegant way to serve it.

The eggshell cutter or soft-boiled egg topper makes the job of preparing a soft- or hard-boiled egg for serving simple and quick. This device, also known as eggshell scissors or an egg snipper, looks a lot like a pair of scissors. It is capable of delicately lopping off the top portion of the eggshell without shattering the entire egg, thanks to two handles and blades that are formed into a circle and feature a row of teeth. The cutters are usually made of stainless steel and may have hard plastic handles, similar to sewing shears.

How to use egg topper cutter shell opener

To use eggshell cutters and egg topper crackers, hold the egg in one hand and run the fingers of the other through the holes in the handles with the other hand. He or she should carefully place the cutter’s blades along the top of the egg, but low enough on the shell to create an opening large enough to accommodate a spoon. After that, gently squeeze the egg topper’s handles until the teeth penetrate the shell. The top portion of the eggshell will also come up as the cutter is gently pulled upward, leaving an opening that will allow the egg to be eaten by dipping into the egg.

How to clean and maintain the egg topper

The eggshell cutter is relatively simple to clean and maintain. The utensil can be washed in soapy water or put in the dishwasher due to its stainless-steel structure. It is critical to ensure that the equipment dries completely. The blades and handles will be less likely to dull and corrode as a result of this. Any regular knife sharpener can be used to sharpen the teeth on the blades.

Find the egg topper

Today’s eggshell cutters come in a variety of sizes and colors, with the only difference being the size and color of the handles. While this is a pretty basic kitchen equipment, it might be difficult to obtain in budget retail outlets. It’s more likely to be found in a kitchen boutique or specialist store dedicated to cooking appliances and equipment, such as a restaurant supply store. Despite the fact that finding one may take some time, the item is not very expensive and can be a pleasant method to reintroduce fun into eating a cooked egg. We have got you covered; you can get the best egg topper priced reasonably at our website.

Explaining how it works?

Simply slide the egg slicer’s bowl over the top of an egg and pull the handle all the way up. When you let go of the handle, the spring will deliver just enough force to crack the shell. Remove the topper to reveal an eggshell with a perfectly round top.

Are you ready for this?

Reintroduce the word “fast” to breakfast. This gleaming stainless culinary marvel has been carefully engineered to quickly remove the tops of your eggs. The quickness and flawless cut lines after releasing the spring-loaded mechanism onto the eggs peak will astound your family and acquaintances.

The health benefits made easy

Eggs are high in nutrients, but the amount of health benefit you get depends on how you prepare them. The benefits of boiled eggs can go a long way, despite the fact that there are many various ways to prepare them. The only difference between soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs in terms of preparation is the amount of time they spend cooking. Boiling eggs have a lot of nutrients, regardless of how long they’ve been in the heat. Eggs help in weight loss, providing instant energy and much more. All of this is made easy when you have the perfect tool to crack open the egg.

Get it as soon as you can

This culinary utensil, which looks like a scissor, snips off the top of a soft-boiled egg so it may be eaten while still in the shell. The Cutter, also known as an Egg Topper, is placed over the egg’s tapering end and the two handles are pressed together to close a ring of teeth around and through the shell. The Egg Topper’s teeth cut through the shell, allowing the top of the shell to be lifted up and separated from the rest of the shell. The eggshell can then be placed in a little egg cup with the open end facing up, ready to be eaten. The Topper utensil is made of stainless steel and can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

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