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An Ultimate Real Estate PPC Guide For Realtors

Digital marketing for real estate in India has helped the industry revive to normalcy and progress. One of the most effective strategies in this has been the creation of PPC for realtors.



Creating a mark on the digital space is no longer an easy task. With billions of users online, companies worldwide rely on the internet to attract leads and grow sales. The effects of the pandemic have hit many industries. However, we do come across brands from these industries who have been able to leverage their sales during difficult times. Although many factors have helped to achieve such milestones, creating a digital strategy is fundamental to keep the business running in current times. 

The real estate industry in India has also been afflicted with the pandemic. With lockdown restrictions and the need to maintain social distance, face-to-face interactions had to be minimised, which were some of the core ways to understand homebuyers and their requirements. However, digital marketing for real estate in India has helped the industry revive to normalcy and progress. One of the most effective strategies in this has been the creation of PPC for realtors. 

If you are entirely new to the concept of PPC, then this guide is all you need to understand the usefulness of this digital strategy.

What is PPC?

We all have come across various advertisements about a new product launch, discounts or offers while using the internet. Though a lot goes into the backend to offer promotions based on our online activity, these advertisements are an effective way for brands to get more leads. PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click, refers to a marketing plan where the advertiser pays every time someone clicks on their ad. For example, if a user is looking for a 2BHK flat in Kanjurmarg East, then the search engine directs them to advertisements related to their search when they type these keywords. Then the user clicks on this advertisement, and the advertiser can know how many times that ad has been clicked. 

How can real estate PPC be helpful?

Getting more leads online is easier with PPC marketing. Especially for real estate businesses, PPC campaigns help in increasing your brand awareness. Unlike other advertising mediums, such as television commercials or magazine ads, you get to know your audience and connect with only those looking for properties or real estate investments with PPC marketing. It makes PPC marketing much more effective, accurate and budget-friendly. 

When an ad is clicked by someone, as a real estate business professional, you will come to know that the person has been looking for the service or the product you are offering. This makes your ad become more relevant and targets only the one who is looking for it.

How does the PPC campaign work?

It is crucial to note that a successful PPC marketing campaign requires much research and expertise. However, one of the prerequisites for PPC real estate leads is to know more about your audience. It is impertinent to understand what your audience wants and their preferences. This will help you know which keywords you need to focus on and reach the right audience.

Another essential point to focus on as a real estate brand or agent is to plan where you want your ad to be placed. Placement of your ad after your potential client has searched for a particular keyword in a search engine is an essential aspect of your PPC campaign. Depending upon your preference, you can place your ad at the bottom of the search engine results, on the top, or even on websites owned by third parties.

Setting up a PPC campaign

Using Google Adwords for real estate PPC campaigns is an important way to enhance your impressions and brand awareness digitally. Once you have a budget plan for your campaign, you can set up an account on Google Adwords. Once you are aware of your audience and their preferences, competitors, and keywords, you can create attractive ad copies. Ensure that your ad copy evokes a sense of curiosity and uniqueness so that your ad becomes eye-catchy. Make sure that your landing page mentions all the services or products you are willing to offer. Using a simple yet effective copy is the key to a good landing page for a real estate PPC.

So if you are looking to boost your sales, then digitising your business and using PPC campaigns is one of the best solutions. Many real estate brands across India have continued reaching their sales goals through such campaigns. The most effective ways to create such campaigns are by partnering with technology companies that comprise teams with experts in digital marketing for real estate in India. One such company is Amura, where your advertising mediums collaborate with industry experts who have been behind the successful marketing strategies for the biggest brands in the Indian real estate industry. 

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