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Advices from Multi-Millionaire CEO and Entrepreneur, Anthony Nuara

Umesh Agarwal



Anthony Nuara

At age 31, many may find themselves just starting to finally have a grasp on establishing their careers.  In Anthony Nuara’s case, established may be too light of a term.  Despite being recently out of his twenties, Nuara is the proud owner and CEO of several establishments: “Amazon Freedom”, “Freedom Water Solutions”, and “Freedom Power Solutions” to name a few.  But Nuara isn’t ready to stop anytime soon.  In fact, in his eyes, it’s only the beginning and there is no option but for more growth.  Undoubtedly a man behind so much success has many gems and lessons to share.

  1. But First, Fix Your Mood

For starters, one of the perhaps least expected but simultaneously biggest lessons that Nuara has learned through the course of his journey revolves around mastering emotions.  As Nuara puts it himself, “if you can’t manage emotions, you won’t go far in life.  When’s the last time you did something smart when you were very angry?”  It may seem like an irrelevant concept or a thought that doesn’t even cross one’s mind when thinking of making it big in one’s career but upon introspection, Nuara brings a very valid point.  Nothing good ever comes out of rash decisions initiated through a course of rage or anger.  Mastery of emotions may seem like something slight but it is actually a lot more difficult than one may give it credit.  But it’s not impossible and to the contrary, very crucial for anyone in any walk of life.  Take it from Nuara himself!

  1. Believe in Yourself 101%

Something that sets Nuara apart from others is the tremendous belief and confidence he has in himself that has transpired to successful and simultaneously, lucrative accomplishments in his career.  In Nuara’s own words, he says, “I believe in myself 101% and my growth mindset is contagious.”  By the looks of how it has turned out for Nuara, it seems to ring remarkably true what they say about self-fulfilling prophecies – everything is in our power – it just boils down to a matter of having the right mindset.  One cannot succeed unless one is their own personal advocate.  In other words, one has to root for one’s own self before others can root for you.

  1. Growth Equals Life

“You’re either growing or dying.  Nothing in life stays stagnant.  I always want to be in the process of growing.”  Those are the words of the man himself, Anthony Nuara.  Complacency is simply not a word in Nuara’s vocabulary.  It’s all about being on a train that only moves forward.  Even with all the success he has accumulated over the past decade, Nuara still foresees more to come.  He is already putting gears into motion to create a real estate hedge fund which he hopes to come to fruition in the near future.  That is just one example of how Nuara keeps the gears rolling and the success coming.

Nuara is certainly not one to shut the door to growth and advises others to be open minded to continued growth as well.

Anthony Nuara has achieved remarkable feats at a young age.  This has put him on a pedestal where he is an aspiration and role model to many.  Through his journey, he has picked up many lessons and continues to accumulate more lessons and learning opportunities.  At this rate, the Nuara of today in 2021 will vary greatly from that of the Nuara ten years from now.  Nuara is on his way to achieving great things.  To keep up with Anthony Nuara and what 2021 has in store for him, follow his social media handles: Facebook and Instagram.


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