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6 Benefits Of Developing An On-demand Medical App Like Practo

The healthcare industry has greatly revolutionized ever since the advent of the digital era. Therefore it is the right time to get into developing a telemedicine app like Practo and go with the trend. With the help of a reliable app development company like Appdupe, get your hands on the Practo clone app development and flourish in your business in no time.



These days with the advent of technology, every aspect of our life is being revolutionized. Gone are the days of traveling to a hospital and waiting in the packed waiting hall to consult a doctor. With the evolution of telemedicine apps like Practo, people can consult a doctor from anywhere at any time. 

Practo is an on-demand doctor appointment app that connects expert doctors with patients. Looking at the convenience and the benefits it offers, developing a clone app is made necessary. Many entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals are looking ahead to get their hands on the development of on-demand apps like Practo to elevate their business. In this blog, let’s discuss the benefits of developing a Practo clone app in the upcoming passages.

Perks of developing Practo clone app

The healthcare industry is not the same anymore. The telemedicine apps revolutionized the regular way of consulting a doctor. If you are an entrepreneur running a healthcare business or looking to step into the telemedicine industry, building an on-demand medical app like Practo is the right choice for you. This way, you can expand your customer base in no time. 

In the case of several chronic diseases, patients should undergo regular checkups and consistent follow-up with the doctor. Each time visiting a hospital and waiting in long lines to consult a doctor might be tiring. Therefore, with the help of the Practo clone app, patients can be regularly monitored by the doctor. They can even schedule an appointment with the doctor beforehand.

Many doctors are willing to exhibit their service through telemedicine apps like Practo. Based on their availability, the doctors can accept or reject the request made by the patients based on their availability. Thus doctors can earn additional income by working in their flexible hours. 

There are times when people are stuck in situations like in the middle of train travel or in a remote place where finding a doctor is not an easy task. In that case, the telemedicine app works as a savior. With the high-priority booking, patients can immediately consult a doctor. Thus now consulting a doctor is accessible to all. 

It is vital to respect the privacy of the patients. Therefore, the Practo clone app offers a one-one encrypted video chat feature. Except for the doctor and the patient, none else can access the consultation session. The medical history of the patient can only be viewed by the doctor they book an appointment with. 

In addition to doctor consultation, you can also tie-up with several pharmaceutical companies and sell their products through your app. Thus the patients can easily order the doctor prescribed medicines through the app. 

Where to get the best Practo clone script in the market?

It is advisable to consult a reliable app development company to build a robust telemedicine app like Practo. Appdupe is a pioneer app development company that offers the best Practo clone script in the market. 

With the help of Appdupe, you can deploy a scalable Practo clone app and enter into the telemedicine industry in a short span. A scalable solution will allow you to expand your app that meets your expectations or even surpasses them. As it is 100% customizable, you can easily customize your app as per your requirements.

Summing Up,

With the evolution of telemedicine apps, the healthcare industry is consistently revolutionizing. As a vast number of users are finding it convenient to consult a doctor online, the demand for such apps is on the rise.  It is high time to get into the advancing telemedicine industry by developing an online doctor consultation app like Practo and excel in your business in no time.

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