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Working With International Contractors: What You Need To Know



Digital Globalization has changed the landscape of business forever. Nowadays, people can meet virtually from around this world with a click or swipe on their smartphones and still maintain quality work as well! With so many talented individuals looking for gigs across various fields imaginable it is important to consider how you might best manage an international contractor who will be working closely alongside your team members in order produce high-quality results that meet client needs while staying within budget constraints set forth by management The following are things you might need to consider when working with international contractors.

Be Aware Of Holidays 

There are going to be different holidays for contractors or freelancers. Some holidays are far more important than others which you need to keep in mind. If paying a freelancer by the project, these holidays will not matter unless a freelancer misses a deadline or needs an extension. The holidays might explain some patchy communication between contractors. Take the time to ask contractors which days they will not be available although some might work on holidays for various reasons. 

Paying By Milestones

The last thing that you are going to want to do is pay for services completely upfront. With international contractors, this can be a recipe for them disappearing. Trusted contractors can be paid in this format but paying the remainder of the price of the project upon completion is so important. Checking in at certain milestones can ensure deadlines are met and no changes are needed before too much work is completed. Most project management software will make it easy to see when a contractor has hit a milestone. Upwork can be a great place to hire a company or freelancer to assist with projects where they can be paid hourly or by the milestone. 

Consider Bringing Some On Full-Time 

The global aspect of remote work might make it wise to bring some contractors on full-time. A freelancer that helps scale projects in an efficient manner will be one that you want to retain. A full-time offer with a flexible schedule can attract so many talented individuals looking for a great work-life balance. Hitting deadlines should be what matters as constantly pushing can lead to burnout of an entire staff. 

Motivation Differs By Culture 

Motivating employees can be extremely difficult with contractors being even more difficult. Pushing too much can lead them to find another source of income quite quickly. Stressing what is actually important like hitting a certain client’s deadline as a priority is imperative. Communication works both ways and should be as clear as possible if there is a language barrier. A language barrier might also make it important for things like human resources translation. Hiring a person specifically to manage contractors can be important as it takes quite a bit of organizational prowess.

International contractors can be immensely important when it comes to saving money without sacrificing the quality of work provided to clients. Use the tips above to ensure these contractors are used to their fullest potential. 


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