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Security Features for Your House Powered By IoT

Big companies have launched smart homes. There are so many advanced smart features that are powered by IoT to provide more security to your smart home. Give these features a read in this article.



The home security system and automation market are expected to grow from $618 million in 2017 to $3.2 billion worldwide by 2026.

IoT when combined with AI, the benefits range widens, from intelligent automation to proactive intervention and personalized experience. These disruptive technologies, when combined, offer various benefits like:

  • Improved risk management
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Activating new and upgraded services and products
  • Increased IoT extensibility
  • Getting rid of expensive unplanned downtime

The internet of things (IoT), a network of different interconnected devices, provide intelligence-based services using the internet, cyber-attacks, and users’ privacy, at rest or while the data is being used, on transit requires the highest protection level.

This highest security level is achieved by using a hybrid IoT and AI model that helps ensure the full potential of IoT based home security system. AI application provides a secured cloud environment that keeps data secure, access to cloud and devices is restricted and provides a secure cloud connection.

Hackers and cybercriminals are using modern strategies and techniques to find any vulnerabilities in our security systems. Therefore, the need is to have a more responsive and dynamic security system that can provide a robust defense against the threats posed by hackers and cybercriminals.

Why your smart home is not so smart

Internet of things (IoT) offers entry points to cybercrimes. If the devices that are connected to the internet and are interconnected, not properly secured then this can be a threat to your security and privacy.

Cybercriminals can install malware onto the systems and devices using the router at your home. This will make your router inoperable by stealing your password and your internet traffic can also be blocked.

Cybercriminals can also launch a large-scale attack by combining the processing power of many small devices.

All these crimes can even turn into a ransom attack. The hackers may demand ransom for restoring your system, but with no guarantees that the system will be online and start working again.

Why smart home devices are easily targeted

Home security cameras and routers have no built-in security, therefore, they are the easiest target for cybercriminals. Because of no built-in security feature, they are quite unprotected from malware. There are some other reasons too that make the IoT dependent home security vulnerable like:

  • No software updating mechanism
  • Hardcoded or default passwords which are easily exploited by hackers
  • Usually, single layer system security makes it vulnerable

Security is usually not a priority for these device makers and hence the consumer faces the above-mentioned problems.

How to build a secure smart home

When building a more secure smart home your Wi-Fi router comes first. It is like the front door to your home, so it has to be very robust and secured with the best locks, in case hackers decide to invade.

Your Wi-Fi router is the foundation for the security system and the connected devices. This foundation has to be secure. Once you have a secure router then it’s time to research the devices that might be connected to the router. It is important that while choosing the devices you should know about their privacy and security policy, software update policy, and the security of your data with the service provider.

Security features that are powered by IoT for your home

According to research conducted by Buy Coursework Online, Customers put their complete faith in the IoT devices when they opt for them for security purposes. Therefore, these devices must offer them:

Foolproof security there must be no weakness in the IoT based security system. Any data transmission must be safe and secure. Any leakages could lead to unmolested home burglary or spying.

  • Pliability and reliability

The IoT based security system must not depend only on a single power source and network. In case of a power cut off, the security system can be easily bypassed which is not recommended.

  • Lifecycle management

There must not be repeated installation team visits or manual updates. The installation of the security system must be one time with constant monitoring, maybe cloud-based, and online updates, as and when required.

  • The ability to connect to various networks

In the case of an alarm system that is cellular-based, the customers must be able to connect, worldwide, to the most well-founded cellular service provider.

Tips to make your smart home smarter

  • Change the manufacturer given name of your router. Give it a name that is completely different from any of your personal information.
  • Use a strong encryption method like WPA2 when setting up the Wi-Fi. This way you can keep your communications and network security.
  • Set up a guest network so that your relatives and friends don’t log into your private account.
  • Always change default usernames and passwords. The hackers might already know these of many IoT products.
  • Always disable features that you don’t need.
  • Change the default security and privacy settings of your IoT devices according to your needs.
  • If you ever get a software update notification from your service provider never put it off. This might patch up a security flaw. Hence, always download suggested updates and apply them to your devices.
  • Never manage your IoT device using public Wi-Fi.
  • Use 2FA, two-factor authentication, and keep your accounts safe.
  • Keep track of your devices, if the new model offers better security, time to replace your old device.   


There is not the slightest doubt that IoT and AI can make life happier and convenient. But to take complete advantage of these things, security is a must. A secure IoT based smart home is what can ensure peace of mind and course convenience.  

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