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Reggae Icon Gernado Is Back with Another Captivating Anthem Titled “Next 2 U”.



GERNADO is a prolific reggae star, creating truly remarkable music within the realms of reggae, dancehall, roots, and riddim. Over the past decade, he has tirelessly devoted himself to his music career. He is often recognized as a prominent figure in US reggae, with ongoing debates about his status as the hardest-working artist in the scene—a title that he has proudly embraced and consistently strives to uphold. His creative drive continues to shine as he delves into heartfelt storytelling, using his music to bring people together and share his messages of love, peace, unity, and harmony. If you are looking for music to inspire, empower, and entertain you as well, then look no further than GERNADO. His unwavering efforts serve as a testament to his prowess, showcasing his ability to match and potentially surpass his counterparts across the border.

He returns with a new tune titled “Next 2 U” – a catchy and infectious reggae anthem inspired by the strong connections of love between two people and how amazing it feels to be next to the person you love.

Set to a sensational, upbeat, and danceable beat with quintessential reggae instrumentals, this tune is refreshing ear candy that you can never get enough of. On the mic, GERNADO breathes life into the track with his distinctive vocals, delivering each line with subtle confidence.

The tune’s chorus is addictive and one that stays with its listener outside the song. The backing vocal harmonies lend the tune an arresting choral feel, enhancing its likability.

This production is a 10/10—clear, catchy, danceable, and easy to sing along—making it an engaging anthem that you wouldn’t mind having as a favorite in your playlist.

To add the jam to your library, check out the link below and make sure you recommend it to your friends as well.



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