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Always a challenge – ‘Tour to Oman’ finds the right location for Faaxy’s new video



Video recording is never business as usual. The ambition to find extraordinary settings always leads to great challenges. This time, part of the shooting for Faaxy’s new video was to be done in and under water. In the process, the Pearl diving in oman team around owner Arif Mohammed did a great job. The boat had to be brought close to the beach in the partly very shallow water.  Monika Sommer and her team from Tour to Oman chose the most suitable spots on the Dimaniyat Islands and provided logistical support.  Imagine cycling and singing under water and you get an idea of the difficulties: Clothes that have to be fixed; a bicycle that must not fall over; a singer who has to stand on the bottom without swaying or swimming…..

Many helpers were involved in the filming to ensure the oxygen supply under water, to shoot the footage with different cameras and to provide the necessary safety.  In the end, it was worth the effort again. Watch the video yourself and you will see.

Faaxy – Never Dies is set to drop on 2023, and it promises to Never Dies is 3 minutes and 53 seconds long. It’s in the key of C-sharp minor and the time signature is 4 beats per measure. Loudness is -9.31 db and the tempo is around 179.88 bpm. Take listeners on a journey through emotion and push the boundaries of pop musics.

Fans can get a taste of what’s to come by checking out Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc.

DJ Music in Oman

Faaxy’s  DJ Music in Oman musical style is a rich tapestry of influences. His lyrics draw from personal experiences, introspection, and the world around him. Musically, his songs incorporate elements of folk, blues, and rock, creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. He often cites artists like Micheal Jackson, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen as his inspirations.

Impact and Legacy

Faaxy impact on the music industry is immeasurable. His songs are not just melodies; they are stories that resonate with people from all walks of life. His lyrics have the power to heal wounds, provoke thought, and evoke strong emotions. He has inspired a new generation of songwriters to embrace authenticity and vulnerability in their work.

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