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Obdstar Key Master x300 pro and x300 dp Review



Obdstar Key Master x300 pro

Obdstar Key Master offers an extensive selection of functions, including basic and advanced programming, EEPROM and PIC functions, and vehicle diagnostics. It comes with a comprehensive user manual, as well as a user-friendly design that makes programming easy for novices. It’s the ideal tool to program your vehicle’s keys, and it’s available in both a USB version and an SD card version.

Basic functions

The GODIAG K102 is a 5.0-inch capacitive touch screen professional hand-held matching device. It is specially designed for GM key programming, and features advanced software. The device can perform functions such as pin code reading, program remote, add keys, and more. It also boasts an early start and optimized hardware.

The OBDSTAR X300 Key Master DP is a multi-function tool that includes a 20-digit pin code calculation function. It also supports a number of functions from the previous versions of OBDSTAR. The F108 PSA function, for instance, allows you to program a new key for a Ford or Mazda vehicle. In addition, the device offers free updates for one year.

Remote guide

OBDSTAR key master remote guide is a special product that can be used to perform a variety of functions, such as diagnostics, repairing and immobilizer programming. The device is made by OBDSTAR and contains the advanced diagnosing technology. It provides a precise result to users. Moreover, it integrates more features and functions to create a better user experience.

OBDSTAR key master remote guide is able to detect the failure of the key induction coil. It can achieve high speed and complete programming in the early stage. In addition, it possesses a complete hardware and software optimization system, which can cover a wide range of vehicles.

Auto key programming

OBDSTAR Key Master is a professional auto key programming device. It is a high performance product that integrates a lot of applications in a simple and user friendly package. The device has been designed to be durable and can work in high or low temperatures.

The Key Master is a small handheld device that has a number of impressive features. The device is built using a special material to ensure its reliability under tough conditions. It has the ability to scan and program a variety of vehicles and is one of the most powerful key programmers in its price range. It has a fast programming speed and can detect key induction coil failures. The system uses a high speed ARM chip to make the device run faster and more efficiently.

Mileage adjustment

There are many mileage adjustment tools out there on the market. The OBDSTAR key master is just one of them. Its most glam feature is a fancy display with LED lighting that can display data such as the car’s engine speed, fuel usage and battery level. And it does all of this while requiring only a few seconds of your time. And what is more, the device is compatible with the newest cars on the road. So if you want to know how to change your mileage, this might be your best bet. And don’t worry, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to get the job done.

EEPROM & PIC function

If you are in search of a key programmer for your automobile, you might want to consider buying OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master. It is the original key programmer from OBDSTAR, and it comes with some great features. It supports all vehicle models and is shockproof. It includes a PIC/EEPROM function, a battery matching feature, and an odometer adjustment. It also has bilateral keyboards and an OBDII interface. It has many features that are not available in other key programmers, such as PIC and EEPROM functions. It also features a SKP900 immobilizer key programming function.

If you want to add a new key to your car, you will need to connect it to the OBD port on the vehicle. You will need to know what your vehicle model is, and you may also need to find out the correct pin code for your vehicle. When you do this, your device will read the information automatically.

Android system

OBDSTAR Key Master DP/X300 DP is a jack of all trades vehicle diagnostic tool that incorporates Android based technology and a powerful maintenance database. The device is designed to enhance the communication between end users and technicians. Aside from a comprehensive range of diagnostic tools, the device also offers a report center, car testing video and a host of special function resets. In addition, the obdstar X300 DP combines the latest in diagnostic technology and a variety of services to provide the most comprehensive automotive diagnostics available.

The device incorporates a number of advanced technologies, including an Android based operating system, a powerful CPU, and an impressive array of application software. This means that the device has the capability to perform a range of functions, from a plethora of diagnostics to a myriad of key programming and immobilizer functions. Among other features, the X300 DP boasts a suite of diagnostics for Japanese and Korean vehicles, as well as oil and mileage adjustments.

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