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Have You Tried These Elf Bar Disposable Vape Alternatives?



As easily one of the top disposable vapes sold in recent years, Elf Bar has stormed onto the vaping scene, and remains a firm favourite of vapers, today. However, with so many new disposable vapes popping up, taking advantage of new and improved technology, and being cleverly branded by manufacturers, it’s easy to see why vapers are tempted by Elf bar alternatives

Whatever your reason for wanting to try an alternative to the ever popular Elf Bar disposable vape, you can be sure to find something that will hit all the right notes, and give you just as great a vaping experience (if not greater) than tried and trusted names such as Elf Bar.

Try these Elf Bar alternatives

Still as affordable, just as simple to use, and equally as functional, brands that are offering great alternatives to Elf Bar disposable vapes include: Lost Mary, 7 Daze Ohmlet, Flum Float, ORGNX and Fog X. That said, many of these brands offer a better vaping experience than that which users of Elf Bar have become accustomed to, making them strong contenders for anyone seeking to try out other brands, flavours and ultimately, vaping experiences. 

  • Lost Mary – with 5% nicotine, a whopping 5000 puffs, 13ml capacity for e-juice, and coming pre-filled and pre-charged, this product comes with a rechargeable battery and is from the same makers of Elf Bar 
  • 7 Daze Ohmlet – with 5% salt nic, a ginormous 7000 puffs, 15 ml e-juice capacity and being pre-filled and pre-charged, this device is draw activated.
  • Flum Float – with 5% nicotine, 4,000 puffs and a 9 ml e-juice capacity, this device comes with a rechargeable battery and is both pre-filled and pre-charged.
  • ORGNX – this device has identical features to Flum Float disposable vapes
  • Fog X – with 5% nic salt and a 13ml e-liquid capacity, this device has a rechargeable battery and offers around 6,000 puffs


How do they compare to Elf Bar?

There are so many different choices available today when it comes to disposable vapes and vape pods, that not being able to find a device to suit all of your needs, is simply never a problem. Coming in a variety of colours, shapes and designs, the devices themselves are becoming more creative, and when it comes to flavours, well, the options are almost limitless. If you’re more concerned about the number of puffs you’ll get out of a device that isn’t an Elf Bar though, you should keep your own personal puff count in mind when shopping around. 

Puffs per device

It’s important to understand that each person has a different style and frequency of puffing on their menthol disposable vape, which can mean that some devices are better suited to those with a lower puff count, while others will be better suited to vapers who puff frequently. That said, it’s pretty obvious that a device with a 60 puff count on average, will last longer for someone who puffs less, than for someone who puffs more – it’s not rocket science!

In general, a product that’s recorded as having a lower count of puffs, might last for a day or two at the most, while those devices boasting a higher puff count, may last the user for as long as a week. 

Are you stuck with Elf Bar disposable vapes and feel as if there aren’t any alternatives out there that will live up to their reputation? Well, think again, because there are plenty of them! Use the brief guide above to try out new brands and experiment with puffs and flavours offered by other industry favourites. 

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