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First-aid Tips for Workspace



Understanding the basics of first-aid for the workplace is an essential component to create a safe environment within your business or organization. You should conduct first-aid training programs for your employees and share the information about first aid supplies with their individual uses. This way, they will be able to respond quickly and appropriately to any workplace’s medical emergencies. This article gives a general overview of why first-aid is necessary for the workplace.

Why is Basic First-Aid Training Necessary for Workspace?

The purpose of basic first-aid training includes preparing you and your coworkers for any emergency that arises in the workplace. You must remember that first-aid is not medical treatment but rather the basic first-aid knowledge you need to help an injured person until any medical professional arrives to provide care. Basics like dressings, heat pumps, etc. can be provided by someone having proper knowledge of first-aid.

Basic First-Aid Tips for the Workspace

So, now that you read a basic understanding of first-aid, let us go over the following essential first-aid tips for the workplace.

1. Understanding The Primary Goals of First-Aid

First aid is not considered medical treatment but a basic understanding you need to help someone with an injury until medical professionals arrive. Below are the three primary goals of first-aid:

  • Promote recovery
  • Preserve life
  • Prevent further injury

2. Always Assess the Scene First

No matter what or where the situation occurs, if you encounter a person suffering from any injury in the workplace, it is important to assess the scene before you provide any first-aid. This is the foremost and vital step while providing basic first-aid. Here are some more reminders regarding what should you do to assess the scene:

Look For the Cause of Injury

In the cases where it is safe to approach the injured person, you should do your best to look for the actual cause of injury. Because the more you will know about the injury, the more appropriate first-aid you will be able to provide them. You can easily provide aids like dressings to stop the bleeding or pump the heart by applying adequate pressure on the chest, etc.

Do Not Move the Injured Person

It is important to remember that you are not supposed to move an injured person before the emergency services arrive. Because it can be challenging to assess internal injuries, it is always best to let the professionals determine what is the best way to move the injured individual.

Call Emergency Services

I do not think one should need to remind anyone of this to anyone. Calling emergency services is the first thing you should do after analyzing the injured person’s scenario. And till they arrive, you can help the injured person with basic first-aid. Also, make sure that you inform the emergency services well to arrive with appropriate assistance. Also, stay on the line unless the operator arrives there or specifically instructs you to hang up.

Administer Basic First-Aid

If the scene seems safe and you have complete confidence in your first-aid training, then you should surely assist them. But if you are not sure what the person is going through, then you should wait with them until emergency services arrive. What more help you can serve is keeping the injured person calm by letting them know that they are not alone and ensuring them that the help is on the way. But do not give inappropriate first-aid in these situations.

3. Know the Most Common Medical Conditions Occurring in The Workplace

Knowing the most common medical conditions, their symptoms, and the appropriate actions to take if you encounter someone with the same symptoms is always good. If you are familiar with these conditions, you will immediately provide the proper first-aid care to the individual until medical professionals arrive. I can help you with introducing the most common medical conditions occurring in the workplace:

  • Respiratory related distress
  • Heart attacks
  • Shock
  • Seizures
  • Stroke

Last But Not the Least

Also, one of the most crucial things to remember while providing first-aid is always to protect yourself first. The only way to provide helpful and effective first-aid care is to ensure that you are not in any danger. Here, one should wear PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect themselves from exposure. PPEs like gowns, goggles, gloves, disposable masks, and face shields are readily available.

Also, you should not enter if the scene is unsafe as then the chances are that you too can suffer from an injury. And, if there is someone who has more medical training, then you must allow them to take over. You can call emergency services till then.

We hope the above article was helpful and answered a few of your questions about general first aid supplies usage in the workplace.

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