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Everything You Need to Know About Multifamily Demolition



There are many reasons why you would want a multifamily demolition Calgary provider. For example, maybe you purchased a dilapidated complex and want to tear it down to rebuild another one on the existing foundation. Still, perhaps only a part is damaged and unsafe to repair. But before you tear down those walls to dig into the foundation, you need to know a few things to provide you with a productive and safe tear-down.

Get the Right Permits

No matter what demolition you need to be done in Calgary, you need the correct permits based on the age of the building. You can get four types of permits the demolition permit with recycling and reuse requirements for buildings constructed before 1950. Furthermore, you will need a recycling and reuse plan with the compliance form to rebuild a new structure using the salvaged material.

The other permit is a recycling and deconstruction one for buildings built before 1910 and listed as heritage properties. Then there is a demolition permit without the need for recycling and available for buildings constructed after 1950 if you do not plan to recycle the material.

Still, all drywalls must be recycled as it is not allowed in landfills. Lastly, you have a multifamily or commercial/industrial building permit. The permit covers all multifamily home investments, industrial facilities, or commercial buildings.

Hazardous Material Inspection

The building you want to demolish may contain asbestos material if it is an old property. You can find the mineral in ceilings, flooring, and sidings. As the material is hazardous, it needs safe removal with care to prevent others from inhaling it. 

The best is choosing a commercial demolition in Calgary contractor with extensive asbestos abatement experience. By doing this, the demolition contractor has the expertise to inspect and remove the material to minimize exposure and dispose of it correctly.

Utility Services Need Disconnecting

Before starting your demolition project, you must find all the electrical, gas, and water lines. If these lines remain intact, the heavy equipment can pull these electrical wires or gas lines resulting in severe underground damage or explosions. So, each utility provider must be contacted to disconnect these lines safely.

There is a Difference Between Exterior and Interior Demolition

With your interior demolition, you must set up support for load-bearing walls as you cannot start swinging a hammer to the walls or ceilings. You need to leave these load-bearing walls to last until the final demolition. Hence, the interior demolition focuses on removing and salvaging the building material. Once completed, the exterior demolition starts to knock down the remaining walls and foundation. With a demolition contractor, they will use different equipment in the process depending on the structure.

Hauling Away Material Waste

The last process is to remove all the material with the right-sized bins and trucks in place for the removal process. Furthermore, you need storage for reused materials and recycling if you want to use them in your new construction. That is why it is essential to hire a multifamily demolition contractor to provide you with the above and more to make the process as seamless as possible. 

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