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First, let’s get a look at Metaverse. We hear the word Metaverse more and more frequently, and then we’ll take stock of what the layouts are in the Metaverse world, and what they’re doing.

What exactly is a Metaverse?

“Metaverse”: absorbing the 5G / 6G information revolution, the Internet revolution, web3.0, the artificial intelligence revolution, and VR, AR, MR, In particular, the fruits of the virtual reality technology revolution, including game engines, To show mankind the possibility of building a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world; Initiking interactions in information science, quantum science, mathematics and life sciences, Changing the scientific paradigm, Promoted the breakthrough of the traditional philosophy, sociology and even the humanities system; Including all of the digital technology, Including blockchain technology achievements; Enrich the transformation model of the digital economy, The fusion of the NFT, IPFS and other digital financial achievements.

Many people think that its definition is too abstract, is that it is difficult for us to imagine the future of things, just as the people of 40 years ago can not imagine the development of the communication network now. I think Metaverse can image the imagination for the following scene, entering Metaverse is like pushing open a huge door, then there are countless independent rooms behind it, each room is a separate theme world, you can see, can listen to, can touch, can smell, or even beyond the laws of physics. In this world, be a superman, and you can go in and out between the Metaverse world and the real world. In fact, when the smartphone is popular, we are already on the edge of the Metaverse world, your phone is the door, the APP inside is an independent world, and Metaverse is to let you directly through these 3D paintings, like immersive.

After 2021, Metaverse will still be a popular track for many venture capital institutions to cluster in layout. Because Metaverse upstream hardware infrastructure, software platform, and content service providers will gradually benefit, operators, optical modules, IDC and other services are expected to provide strong hardware infrastructure support for Metaverse, and the industry application scenarios are expected to be continuously developed and expanded.

Let’s understand the layout of the Metaverse world together, and from their behavior, let’s see the distance of the Metaverse world together.

The Layouts of the Metaverse

Its structure is from Facebook high-profile announced changed its name to Meta(META), a reference to the universe world war officially entered the public view, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of the war, in addition to the name change, they also carried on the key operation: set up a special product development team, gradually many VR companies to build Oculus. Actively develop digital currency, trying to become a currency publisher in the new era.

Technology giant Microsoft (MSFT) is willing to do the layout, but they prefer their traditional strengths and office and games. From the launch of Homeless MESH TEAMS and other family bucket series products, we can see that Microsoft focus on moving the existing OFFICE series of software translation to the Metaverse world, to create a more realistic virtual office environment. In the gaming world, Microsoft relies on its own series of highly realistic games to quickly accumulate customers.

Global chip giant Nvidia (NVDA.US) is developing Omniverse, a real-time simulation and collaboration platform to explore “Metaverse”. The NVIDIA Omniverse was first officially proposed in 2019, long before this Metaverse boom. In 2020, the Omniverse Open Beta open beta version was launched, and on CES 2022, Nvidia announced a free version of Omniverse to millions of individual creators and artists worldwide.

In China, as early as in the Metaverse concept has not yet been popular, Ma Huateng put forward the concept of “true Internet”. In his 2020 internal special issue of Tencent (TCEHY), he described: ” It (the true Internet) means the integration of online and offline, and the integration of physical and electronic approaches. The door to the virtual world and the real world has been opened, whether from virtual to virtual, or from real to virtual, are committed to helping users to achieve a more real experience.”This idea coincides with the concept of the Metaverse.

Chen Rui, CEO of Bilibili (BILI), agrees that it may be too late if some companies decide to enter only after hearing the “Metaverse” concept.”In fact, a lot of elements related to the Metaverse concept already exist, whether in virtual reality, social networks, or other ecological social systems, and a lot of companies have developed products on these concepts, bilibili is one of them.”But none of this work can be done in several months or years.”

WiMi Hologram Cloud (WIMI) has also opened its Metaverse dream. It is learned that WiMi has specially set up the Metaverse Business Division to create an open, innovative, all-inclusive “Metaverse ecology”, and its VR / AR technology is the essential underlying technology to building Metaverse. WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is betting on Metaverse, which will benefit from the early 5G network construction, with a high resolution, and high refresh rate of AR / VR products. AR / VR is the basic technology of panoramic immersive interactive experience or an important means of interaction connecting consumers with Metaverse.

In addition to the above companies, the Universe also has many enthusiastic participants, and their layout is inseparable from Metaverse’s broad prospects

As the 2022 Global Metaverse Conference was held in Shanghai from August 18 to 19, the conference released the world’s first Metaverse white paper in collaboration with the city’s Metaverse development strategic plan. This also brings the Metaverse to a new peak

Today, the “Metaverse connected by the virtual world” has been considered by the investment community as a grand and promising investment theme, and has become a new territory of digital economy innovation and industrial chain. Moreover, the “Metaverse” provides a new path for the human society to realize the final digital transformation, and has an all-round intersection with the “post-human society”, showing a new era that can have the same historical significance as the era of great navigation, the era of industrial revolution and the era of aerospace.

The development opportunities of Metaverse are mainly reflected in breaking the boundary between the virtual and the real world.”The resulting opportunities can be reflected in three ways. First, it has become a new space and a new scene of the modern commercial economy, such as group exhibitions and virtual tourism. Second, its inclusiveness will trigger the creation of co-creation economy, applied to game animation. Third, it may promote the large-scale cooperation in the modern society, eliminate the gap between time and space, and allow more people to participate in the collective space and share the new media life.”

At present, Metaverse has become one of the future development directions, so it is reasonable for various technology manufacturers to actively layout Metaverse, so Metaverse has great potential waiting to be explored.

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