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Should a Business Have a Mobile App? If yes, then why?

Every business strives to increase its revenue or profits by various means. However, in this tech-driven world, a mobile App is very important to achieve it.



Mobile phones have developed a lot. Today, it’s no longer an ordinary communication device like it used to be. The progress of numerous technologies, access to high-speed internet, and awesome features made mobile devices a part of our daily life. Therefore, mobile users download and use hundreds of Apps for communication, education, banking, entertainment, and many other purposes. Mobile Apps have entirely transformed the way we access the internet. Besides, using it is convenient, simple compared to websites.

About a decade ago, activities like transferring money, booking a movie ticket, or buying groceries cannot be done within seconds. However, today, with the help of mobile Apps we can fulfill almost all of our needs in an instant.

5 Great Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App:

A Statista survey reveals that 218 billion apps have been downloaded in the year 2020 alone. This count is expected to reach close to 300 billion by 2022. Increased mobile App download means increased users which in turn gives a business more people to target. Besides, if you run a business without a mobile App, you miss other perks like,

Personalized content:-

This is one of the winning ways to connect with the users and drive sales. Mobile Apps enable a business to employ content based on users’ location, likes, preferences, etc. Hence, one perfect arrow for the right customer could convert sales easily. Whereas, huge efforts made for unwilling users would be useless irrespective of how much money and effort you put. Apart from that, a tailor-made customer experience increases customer engagement and satisfaction to a great extent.

Improves productivity:-

With a mobile app, you can reduce expenses incurred on showcasing and promoting your product/services. Besides, you can achieve a streamlined relationship between your representatives, sellers, and clients. This is made possible by having similar assets and submits to request, give answers, and train about your items and client conduct. Additionally, with accessible outlines and collected client information, you can increase efficiency as well.

Enhances brand visibility:-

An icon on your customer’s mobile phone screen will enhance your brand awareness significantly. In addition, a captivating application will reinforce the connection between your brand and your clients. Moreover, it improves the possibility of customers referring your business to their friends and relatives. However, to build such a compelling application, you need to connect with a reliable mobile app development company like Soft Suave. This way you can be sure of world-class App quality with no bugs or any other technical issues that may affect user experience and your brand image.

Direct communication with your customers:-

With the help of helpful features like in-app messaging, call buttons, get direction buttons, etc., you can provide direct communication solutions that include,

  • Customer’s support
  • Complaints
  • Feedback
  • Suggestions
  • Reviews
  • FAQ Answers

Providing a quicker and more effective response to inquiries and issues your customers want is the key to build a strong relationship. As a result, this will also help you to gain more loyal customers. Furthermore, the push notification feature allows you to be in direct contact with the users. Thereby, it’s easy to keep them informed about your new products and services, exciting offers, or discounts.

Remarkable marketing tool:-

The benefits of having a mobile App are infinite. You can use it as an effective marketing tool. Mobile App’s excellent features like fill-in forms, search options, news accounts facilitate powerful marketing strategies. Moreover, acquiring details such as demographics, customer retention, total visitors is an easy task. Thanks to tools like in-app analytics. Further, a top-notch mobile App gives an amazing impression to your existing or potential customers. However, if you own a start-up or an SMB, building a positive brand image should be your top concern.

Concluding Lines

With a single mobile app, you can reach even a billion people with 24/7 accessibility. No matter how small or large your business, having a mobile App is crucial in today’s high-tech world. Besides, it allows users to search, buy and pay for your products/services anytime, anywhere they want. Also, it assists to expand your social media reach, allows users to easily connect with your company and get new followers. Start your mobile App development and take your business to the next level.