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5 Strategies Used by Experts to Develop a Secure Web App

A web App needs to provide absolute security to safeguard the sensitive information of its users. Take a look at 5 practices to make your App safe and secure.



Web Apps have simplified the way businesses interact and communicate with their customers, offer product support. In other words, they entirely changed and streamlined the way how a business and customer connect with fewer resources and achieving objectives much faster.

As a result, so much sensitive information is being handled via diverse types of online channels. This information must be protected and secures at any cost. This helps in the growth of web App, improves customer’s trust and loyalty.

5 Best Strategies to Develop Secure Web Apps

The effective way to achieve this is by incorporating web security throughout the design, development, and coding phases. This ensures safeguarding financial and personal data against potential threats. Apart from this, it can also streamline development efforts, production costs, and time to market.

  • Encrypt everything

Encryption refers to encoding data and obfuscating intelligible content to protect it from unauthorized users. It enables secure data stored in databases and other private locations. Moreover, strong encryption of data is like an extra layer of security. In case an attacker stole your data, they can’t make use of this stolen information. You can utilize an SSL certificate/HTTPS to ensure all of your communication channels are encrypted. Further, you can enforce an encrypted authentication plan for authorized users by employing APIs and web services.

  • Install an advanced DevOps pipeline 

With a solid DevOps pipeline, you can automate almost everything (code, design, and production) in your web application development lifecycle. Besides, it empowers to do the following tasks with ease.

  • Ship updates faster
  • Accelerate software releases
  • Simplify future system modifications

Alternatively, DevOps continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD) infrastructure maximize productivity to a great extent. Additionally, adopting these tools enhances team collaboration and provides deeper insights into operating system issues.

  • Quality assurance and testing

By spending some money, you can go for a third-party service specializing in penetration testing or vulnerability scanning. This would prove to be a good additional App testing that strengthens your own efforts. In spite of having your own in-house quality assurance process, having another layer of testing to uncover every little hole is an added advantage. Plus, for smooth security upgrades and routine testing efforts, possess a clear-cut process.

In addition to this, you could follow proper exception management. It is a development-focused security measure that allows you to display just a generic error message in case of a failure. Detailed system failure messages will not do any good to the user. However, it may give clues for potentially threatening entities. 

In case your software faces a security issue, consider there are only three possible outcomes so that things are not complicated,

  • Allow the operation.
  • Reject the operation.
  • Handle an exception.
  • Role management & access control

Executing valuable account management practices like the following will be helpful for better security.

  • Strong password enforcement
  • Secure password recovery mechanisms
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Re-authentication for users
  • Password expiration
  • Account lock-outs where applicable
  • SSL certificate that offers three layers of protection (Encryption, data integrity, authentication)

Also, designing a web App that provides users as little privileges as possible will prevent an intruder from performing operations that could crash the application. However, this minimal privilege should also allow customers to get or perform whatever they need from the application without any struggle.

  • Update everything as soon as possible

Despite following various security measures, we can’t assure a system or software is 100% perfect and free of all security vulnerabilities. Therefore, it’s safe to update your software whenever a new update comes. Furthermore, if a security-related patch comes, update it instantly without any second thoughts. Nevertheless, there are minor changes that the latest version might break something. But this risk causes less damage compared to a hacker attacking your system via a known vulnerability that has been addressed with a security patch. Plus, such update-related issues will be solved in the next update.

End Words

The impact of a web App attack can be devastating to a business. It can cause severe negative consequences like theft of sensitive information leading to customer distrust, negative perception of the brand. Additionally, all these may end up in financial losses.

Hence, it’s always crucial to rely on leading web App development company like Soft Suave. They have experienced developers who can implement the best security practices in order to prevent potential web application attacks.

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