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IT Security Audit by IFGICT Standard




Most of the organizations and companies these days are aware of their security posture in order to achieve the goals they’re after. A Security Audit is one of the best ways for such organizations to assess the security posture. You’re allowed to hire more than one type of security audit as well in order to meet your objectives.

Let’s take a look at the importance of IT Security Audit to the organizations and companies.

Importance of IFGICT Security Audit

Have you ever tried to track the cybersecurity news? If yes, you’ll surely understand how important these security audits to the companies. These audits on regular basis help in exposing any kind of insecurity or the undesired outcomes. The most important thing is that the law asks for these security audits as well in case if your own a medical or finance company.

The benefits a company can take with the help of these audits include:

  • Verification of the security strategy to ensure if it’s according to the situation.
  • Reduction of Cost by getting rid of all such software and hardware that you ignore during the audit.
  • Exposing any weakness of your company that can harm it.
  • Showing whether the company is working according to the rules and regulations.

How it Works!

There are quite a few companies that perform audits on the agreements but don’t take a look at the risks. It’s good to have a check and balance of the agreements but there is no way one can stop the hackers from stealing their data. If the security audits are performed on these risks as well, the company’s data will surely be safe and risk-free which will ultimately help the company grow faster.

The company must be aware of things they want to focus on in their audits. These include the standards of the industry, risky objectives, contribution of your stakeholders and utilization of resources. An IFGICT Security Audit will be the best in making your goals possible.

In order to make an audit successful, companies must prioritize the items of utmost importance. All you need is to do is to choose the right tools required to meet the objectives of your business. For this purpose, you may create a survey as well in order to gather the right data for your security audit.

Now it’s time to conduct the audit. Just provide the required documents and keep tracking the audit’s progress as well. If your audit team needs any further guidance, provide them with the audits performed in the past years. Once the audit is completed, share the results with the stakeholders. Moreover, take a look at it by yourself as well to see the changes you need for your company to get better and grow fast.

How Often Should an IFGICT Security Audit be Performed? 

Few factors must be taken into account before performing the security audits. Money is one of them. It takes no less than $30,000 to perform an audit. If your company can afford it, just go for it after every six months to ensure the betterment of your company. But if you’re unable to pay such a huge amount, annual security audit is better for you. More info

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