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Types of Virtual Events To Try In 2021



2020 took a complete toil on many businesses which gave an exponential rise and popularity to virtual events. Organisations, industries, communities who once hesitated about establishing their existence virtually, can’t seem to get enough of the online platforms.

The year did not just give companies a better virtual experience but also allowed them to explore different avenues. The vast world of virtual events are now proffering multiple directions to execute events.

Read on to get an insight about the top virtual event types to try in 2021!

Virtual Exhibitions

The motive of most businesses is to increase their reach and in turn, maximise profits. Virtual exhibitions lay out the perfect platform for companies to showcase their products globally without compromising the budget. Virtual exhibitions can be engaging as it is powered by the dynamic of 3D environment, alongside booths and stalls. It helps attendees be informed about its services through tools, live chats, facilitating instant and appropriate generation of new leads. You can showcase your product via these exhibitions. It can be art, design, clothing, jewelry, antique pieces and so forth.

Virtual Fairs

Now you can keep up with your customers and consumers by engaging them with your provided services even while staying back home. How? Well, virtual events allow businesses to exhibit their products, it is like a virtual stall for all the virtual audience. The exhibitors can exchange conversation and information on chatbots. They can also generate new services, make real-sales to a large number of attendees, through e-commerce platforms. Virtual fairs have mitigated maximising the avenues for the revenue generation. You can conduct a virtual job fair, education fair, open day, career fair, virtual expos and so forth digitally.

Virtual AGMs

Virtual AGM (Virtual Annual General Meeting) is a suitable format for many organisations, associations and companies to come together and conduct  meetings with the entire organisation at once virtually. Everyone at the organisation can be connected with the help of a seamless online platform right from employees, Directors, to stakeholders and shareholders.

When you choose the correct virtual events and conferences platform, possibilities are you can also host AGMs (Annual general meetings) or a town hall meetings virtually.

Bonus point is virtual AGMs can reduce the cost of hosting events as you deduct loads of additional costs like travel and venue expenses. The event can provide you with multiple features like polls, Q & A sessions and alot more. These meetings can make a meeting intriguing and interactive at the same time.

Virtual Trade Shows

Compelling trade shows virtually have outshined the geographical restrictions of a non-virtual event for large scale industries. Allowing them to exhibit and launch their products to other businesses across the globe, which resulted in increased exposure, and reach. Virtual trade shows are essentially a physical trade show conducted virtually. Exhibitors can now post videos, collaterals, and provide demos. At the same time audiences can also interact and give real-time feedback with the help of Q&A sessions and chat rooms. You can conduct a virtual food show, motor show, housing fair, exhibitions and so forth in a trade show.

Virtual meetups and conferences

Virtual meetups are becoming a preferential medium to discuss, connect and share with similar mindset individuals just like digital media. Virtual meetups are ideal for limited or small groups of individuals who can either enter or register only via valid invitation. You can hold a small get together, birthday parties or simply for casual meetups virtually. Whereas, Virtual conferences are ideal for larger groups of people such as having a government meeting or conference, seminars. You can stream, conduct video conferencing or even have real-time interactions with people on virtual meetups.

Virtual Trainings & Classes

After the global pandemic striked businesses continued taking training sessions for its employees who are working remotely with the help of virtual training. Apart from it, most educational platforms also found virtual classes effective and convenient. Both helped in keeping their students and employees motivated and encouraged. These online sessions facilitated the exchange of conversations between trainers and attendees. It added other platforms like e-learning and webinars sessions for a concrete experience.

Over to you.

The possibilities for virtual events are unlimited. Yet, one could argue that online events can never fully replace the face-to-face interaction, continuous engagement, or networking opportunities that an offline event provides. But virtual events of 2020 did execute with much resounding success. So, if you are all set to take your event online and get an immersive experience, now is the time!

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