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Information and Communication Technologies or ICT is an aspect considered with the utmost focus for success in businesses today. The services included in ICT have been vetted to have high importance for increasing the worth of a business in terms of service delivery and also its integration into the business allows the subject to be maintained with high efficiency. Every business in the public sector and even the NPOs (non-profit organizations) have shifted to a business model that is sustainable with ICT Standards integrated into the operations and management structure of the companies. 

What Is ICT Standard?

IFGICT has introduced the Green ICT Standard to be taken up by organizations that engage with other service or product providers related to ICT and follow a certain set of standards of sustainability. These organizations may be working in the R&D department, creating relatable products, and for better service reception, individual end-users can also take to these standards. These standards draw the map for basic guidelines and criteria that can be followed by organizations, service providers, and manufacturers to come up with a strategy that is sustainable and helps them run a business that complies with “Green Business or Green Government Certifications”. The Certified Green IT Business or Green IT Government award is given to any business or government that observes the tough criteria set up in Green ICT Standard. An audit with detailed research executed by IFGICT staff decides if a government or a business has been able to perform in a manner at par with sustainable effects for the global environment or not. 

A special and specific set of expertise is required to observe the standards for technologies in today’s rapidly evolving technological realm. These rapid shits sometimes cause complex harms to the environment and need to be monitored closely.

IFGICT through the ICT Standard aims to have a more vivid focus on the supply sector that create vital links of international procurements, R&D, manufacturing, and outsourcing with the sectors and industries involved in ICT, and the realm of digital businesses.

IFGICT Standard Supports Sustainable Expansion For Businesses

ICT Standard by IFGICT allows businesses to work in a transparent manner with products and provide the best services by meeting the expectations of their end-users. Its popularity has even penetrated the business-to-business realm where ICT Standard has been adopted by smaller businesses to fulfill their customer’s desires. Retailers and brands are also integrating ICT Standard in their entire business models instead of embedding it only into a particular line of products. 

With IFGICT being appreciated across the world, almost all the manufacturing businesses who were previously using IT in their management of operation, have made sure that ICT Standard is now being observed in their entire business.

With fluent quality control and management in organizations having ICT Standard by IFGICT implemented internally, they are now enjoying the perks of satiated customers as well as a better working environment as their employees are also working in a relaxed and more productive environment. 

Many companies have been helped by IFGICT’s ICT Standard in achieving better awareness about their client’s demands of guarantee. They now know that a prospective client can be a returning buyer if their demands are met properly with the guarantee of proper customer support services. More info


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