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How to Find Clothes that Fit Your Body the Best



Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

One of the good things about fashion is it tends to change every other day. What was considered fashionable at the beginning of the year is discarded after less than six months. As such, you can never settle on a fashion trend and think that it is the best for you. Something everyone agrees with is the fact that the right fit for your body will always look good on you. It does not matter if the clothing is in fashion or not. If you find yourself looking out of place because of what you are wearing, chances are the fit is off. Here are ways to get clothes that fit you right.


  • Know Your Body Type


The word body type has been thrown around many times, but many people hardly know their body type. By knowing your body type, you get to know which clothes would suit you and what patterns you can mix up. To find your body type, you will need to take measurements of your bust, waist, and hips, then refer these to the clothes that people with similar measurements are wearing. It would be best to have someone help you out with this, so the measurements are accurate. Here is the list of body types and the features that make them stand out:


  • Round shape – You have a more symmetrical body that is round with no defined waistline.
  • Hourglass shape – You have a balanced upper body and lower body with a defined waistline.
  • Pear shape – You have a bigger lower body than an upper body.
  • Rectangle shape – You are symmetrical from your shoulders to your hips.
  • Inverted triangle – Your upper body is more defined than your hips.

Once you know what your body shape is, you can pick out clothes that match your features. Do not just wear something because your friend who is of a different body type wore it.


  • Buy From a Good Store


Many stores sell their clothes in different categories. You might find that for some clothes you are small, but for others you are large. It is impossible to know what size you are in such a situation, and the clothes you get might be too tight or loose around you. Shopping on a habitat clothing website you will be guaranteed to find the best sizes and fits of clothes. Going to such a store will ensure that you get the right clothes that fit you without needing any adjustments. It saves you the hassle of going back and forth with an online store trying to figure out whether the clothes fit you or not.


  • Always Look at the Measurements


Before you decide to get a small or medium piece from a store, ensure you look at your body measurements. Some stores will go a step further and let you know the measurements used when making these clothes. By knowing about this, you can compare the measurements with your body measurements. You should go to a tailor and ask them to take your body measurements for you. The measurements will always be beneficial, especially when you decide to buy your clothes online.


  • Get Custom Made Clothes


If you have been having bad luck with store-bought clothes, then getting custom-made clothes would work for you. Even though we all fall into one body category or another, sometimes our features differ in many ways. You might both be a size eight pear shape, but then the other person has wider hips. If you went to a tailor, they would get you exact measurements and make you a dress that will fit your features well. Custom clothes come in handy, especially when you need a fitting dress or suit. It might cost you more, but it will be worth it in the end.


Getting clothes that fit you right will ensure that you look good in them and are comfortable as well. The tips above will act as a guide when you finally go shopping. Take your time and go through the various options available regarding your body and size before choosing your clothes.