Finance and Fitness: Marie BustinMoves Is The Mom That Does It All



TikTok has become the latest trending app that allows users to browse through millions of short videos that provide life-changing hacks, funny pranks and undiscovered talent. According to court filings published by the social media giant, the app had hit a milestone of  2 billion global downloads as of August 2020 and was also the most downloaded app of that year. As of the beginning of 2021, TikTok ranked as the 7th most used social media platform in the world with 689 million global active users.

Amongst the millions of users, are celebrities, academics, Genz’ers, Millennials and Verun Marie Moring. Verun might seem like your typical Mom of 7 and grandma of 4, but this multi talented powerhouse is also a viral TikTok sensation that is recognized as Marie BustinMoves by her social media family of followers.

From MBA Accountant to Viral Global Dancing Queen 

Apart from being a full time Mom and grandma, Marie is also an accountant, author and runs an internationally famed dance studio called “A Time To Dance Studio”. She has her MBA in finance and provides businesses and families with measures to help organize and grow their finances. She has always had a passion for helping to uplift others and uses both her financial expertise and social media presence to bring joy and betterment to the lives of those who turn to her for assistance.

Marie BustinMoves started her TikTok journey in 2020 during the midst of the covid-19 global pandemic. She has always had a passion for dance, and first opened her dance studio in 2009. Opening a new business in the midst of a recession might not have seemed like the best of ideas, but despite all of the odds Marie’s passion and financial knowledge proved a good match to ensure that she grew from strength to strength.

But due to lockdowns and the restrictions that came with Covid-19, Marie had been forced to close her studio doors. This was when her TikTok channel @themoringbunch was born and after just 3 uploads Marie and her family who feature in her videos had gone viral. She had gained international traction in no time, with the likes of Wayne Brady duetting Marie’s choreographed videos.

The celebrity attention did not stop there for Marie, who can now be considered a celebrity in her own right, as she has been featured on US media outlets such as  Buzzfeed News, Entertainment Tonight, and  Black Love Doc amongst a host of others. Mrs BustinMoves has also received notable recognition by the likes of  podcast host Joe Rogan, comedian D.L. Highly, actress Viola Davis, talk show host Jada Pinkett Smith.

Marie’s Passion And Plans For The Future 

Her passion for making people happy is one of the factors that drives her to produce content to spark joy in the lives of others. Marie has said that she has “gotten thousands of reports [from breast cancer survivors] stating they have been encouraged through my dance in their chemotherapy journeys. That makes me have purpose and I have given my time, talent and resources towards their better days during a difficult time. so much negativity in the world and sickness. My duty is to provide content that spreads joy, love, smiles, and hope in a time where it is scarce.”

Marie has big plans for her future as she gets ready for the release of next book “Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers, and Households”, there is also a documentary that is based on Marie’s road to fame from the beginning of her TikTok journey to now and is set to release soon.

Final Thoughts 

Whilst the world has so much going on right now, Marie BustinMoves has been helping people from all across the globe to shake off their blues, she dance moves and youthful personality bring an instant smile to the face of those watch her videos and has inspired a countless number of people with her story of perseverance, determination and persistence. 

Spreading joy and bringing hope is Marie’s true calling and she has uplifted a global community through the universal love of dance.

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