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How to Keep the Company Car Safe Off The Clock?



Are you trusted with a corporate vehicle? Are you too scared to drive it outside of working hours in case you have a bump? Here is how you can keep your company car safe, off-road.

Not all of us are lucky enough to work for businesses that give out company cars. Some of us get the mileage back, but firms do not pay for the wear and tear of vehicles that are not assets. The tradition of the company car goes back generations. They are used as incentives to sweeten the deal for executives and managers. The trouble is that some of us are just too terrified to drive them.

What if you crash it? What if you bump it out of office hours? How do you keep your company car safe when you are not behind the wheel? Let us talk about it.

The Tradition of the Company Car

Not all corporate vehicles are company cars. Some of us are given work vans to take home to make it easier for the following morning. Some of us drive buses and coaches or issue staff with fun alternatives. The ‘Micromobility Revolution’ as it has been dubbed, sees businesses worldwide replacing company cars with electric scooters.

The company car has been a tradition for businesses for years now. The concept was favored in the eighties, back before smartphones, as a way to give your employees status. The company car et the highflyers apart from the laypeople. It was impressive, a big hit at business meetings, and it got you where you needed to be on behalf of the company.

Keeping it Safe Off-Road

When your company car is not going anywhere, are you constantly checking on it? We are looking at you, Mark from accounting. If so, here is how you can secure it.

1- The Car Port

An obvious favorite is a carport. If your property is not big enough for the full garage, a carport will do the trick. The experts at Carport Sydney advise that the carport can keep the heat and sun off a vehicle, protecting the paintwork. It keeps out the wind and the worst of the rain, too, so rust is more minor of an issue. 

2- The Garage

We would all love to afford a garage, but not everyone has the money or the space. If your property lends itself to it, then this is the safest option available to you. Do you want to build a full garage for a company car, though? Garages can cost over $20,000 to build # afresh.

3- The Car-Paulin 

You can buy fitted tarpaulin sheets which you can use to cover your car. If you check the manufacturer’s website for the model of the vehicle you own, you should see that they supply covers. These will be designed to keep the wind, rain, and sun off your car. They cannot protect them from passing motorists, though.

4- The Driveway

If you cannot afford a garage or a carport, a driveway works wonders. If you use a combination of the Car-Paulin and the driveway, you may get a similar level of protection to that of a carport.