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20 Types of Customer Value to Add to Your CVP



There are many ways to add customer value to your brand. Most of them fall under one or more of the four categories of customer value; Social Impact, Life-Changing, Emotional, and Functional. 

Appealing to your customers by finding out what matters most to them can help you create your most effective customer value proposition. Consider the following 20 ways your business can create increased levels of value.

  1. Usefulness

How useful is your product to your customer? Your product should address your buyer’s need and serve a purpose in their lives.

  1. Makes Life Easier

With busy schedules, your customers are constantly searching for ways to make their lives easier. Does your product offer a way to do that?

  1. Enhancing Their Hobbies

Perhaps your target customer enjoys a certain hobby in their free time. Does your product have the ability to enhance something they already enjoy?

  1. Health and Wellness

Does your product offer something that will enhance your customers’ quality of life? If so, make this clear to the customer.

  1. Security

People want safety and security for themselves and their loved ones. Does your product offer a way to give your buyers peace of mind?

  1. Saves Time

Time is one of the most precious resources in a person’s life. Will your product save someone time accomplishing a task so they can have more time for things they enjoy doing?

  1. Simplifies

People are constantly searching for ways to make their lives simpler. Does your product offer a way to make complicated tasks easier?

  1. Quality

People want to buy products they can trust, as well as feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth. Is your product everything you say it is?

  1. Appealing to the Senses

Is your product enjoyable to use? Pleasant smells and tastes help brands dominate their niche markets.

  1. Nostalgia 

A very popular way to appeal to customers is through nostalgia. Does your product appeal to a fond memory?

  1. Entertaining

Will it provide entertainment or enjoyment to the consumer? Products and services that add enjoyment to a customer’s life can never be overvalued. 

  1. Rewarding

Does your product evoke a sense of accomplishment for the user? Customers often feel their lives are enriched when a product or service helps them accomplish tasks.

  1. Therapeutic

Does your product ease your customer or help them to feel less stress in their lives? Countless products and services contribute this form of value.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Many people are interested in products that either add to the sustainment or have little to no impact on the environment.

  1. Charitable Donations

People are interested in brands that support their favorite charities and knowing that their purchase is helping to make a difference.

  1. Supporting Causes

Knowing what causes your brand support might be important to your customer. Make sure you know your customer and what’s important to them, then align that with your values and pitch in to a good cause.

  1. Animal Welfare

People place value in the welfare of animals. Being cruelty-free, supporting shelters and rescues, and supporting causes that help prevent abuse or even poaching all add value.

  1. Sustainability

Fair-trade, sustainable farming, and reducing your carbon footprint are all excellent ways to add value. Is your company working towards becoming a sustainable business? If so, let your customers know.

  1. Saves Money

Of course, consumers want to save themselves money by using your product or services. Does your product properly offset its cost by saving the customer money in the long run?

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