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5 of the Biggest Cigar Brands in the World



The Tobacco Market in the United States stood at around $90.27 billion in 2020 and has since been forecasted to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 4.47% in 2022-2026; this will achieve a market value of $115.57 billion by the 2026 fiscal year. Market growth has been attributed to factors such as the increasing number of tobacco consumers and increased cultivation of tobacco for consumption. The exports are rising and therefore further driving the development of the United States Tobacco Market. The United States tobacco industry consists of corporations that grow, sell, as well as distribute tobacco and related merchandise throughout the country.

Cigars have become a popular choice amongst tobacco consumers since the act of smoking a cigar is a complete experience as opposed to just an action that is being performed. The most popular cigar brands have a reputation that proves them difficult to go wrong with when looking for the best cigars to smoke. In this article, we will take a look at the best cigar brands in the world. Each brand holds claims to a renowned portfolio of premium cigars that even the most critical connoisseurs can unanimously agree are brilliant. 

La Aroma de Cuba Cigars

La Aroma de Cuba is said to be one of the first brands to catch the fancy of Winston Churchill when he began his love affair with premium cigars in the late 1800s. The cigar underwent a complete revival in the early 2000s and has since been reimagined as a premium brand. The La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor had scored 95 points— the brand is also home to the 94-rated Mi Amor Reserva and the ultra-rare La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse.

Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars

Newcomers to the cigar world, Throwback Natural Leaf cigars have been a popular choice amongst cigar aficionados and celebrities such as Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, and Jim Jones as well. The brand currently carries pouches of 5 cigars and boxes of 8 pouches of 5 cigars–totaling 40 cigars. They have also revealed that there will soon be a release of single pouches. The brand is known for crafting unique flavors such as Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic, Wild Berry, Banana Nana, Black Velvet, Grape Cherry Blizz, Vanilla, and Original. A common issue experienced with cigars is that there are usually only 1 or 2 that are good out of a pack. Throwback ensures that smokers get 5 out of 5 premium quality cigars that do not have holes or stems– resulting in flavors that are smooth and do not burn the throat.

Romeo y Julieta

Named after the Shakespearean star-crossed lovers, Romeo y Julieta is enjoyed by a sizable audience of cigar lovers. The brand is great for those searching for a medium-bodied cigar as it is easy on the palate with a classic tobacco taste. The cigars produce a good amount of thick and creamy smoke that delivers a pleasant smoking experience.


Ashton cigars are a world-class brand renowned for their consistency and high-end taste. Home to top-rated blends: Ashton Classic, the 92-rated Ashton Aged Maduro, and 91-rated Ashton Cabinet Selection. Ashton is recognized for its superior flavor. The brand was founded in the 1980s. Ashton cigars are relatively higher in price; however, many cigar lovers say they are worth the cost. One of the most popular of the brand’s six blends is the Ashton VSG.

Arturo Fuente 

What began in Cuba in the 1800s is now carried on by four generations of the Fuente family. There are a number of iconic Arturo Fuente cigars that comprise the Fuente family’s portfolio, including Chateau Series, Don Carlos, and the ultra-rare Arturo Fuente Anejo and Fuente Fuente Opus X cigars.

Final Thoughts

The United States tax code refers to cigars as “any roll of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in any substance containing tobacco”– that does not match the official definition of a cigarette. While tobacco, much like any other product, should be used responsibly and in moderation, it is– as it always has been– a source of pleasure and appreciation among its supporters for centuries. 

Cigar connoisseurs continue to appreciate its subtlety, flavors, and characteristics in its many forms and varieties. While there are a variety of brands out there, we are most impressed by the quality and growth of Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars.

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