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5 Things to Update on Your House This Spring



Spring House

The spring is just around the corner, meaning it is time for spring cleaning and time to perform necessary home upgrades to certain areas. You need to ensure that your home is functioning as it should be before the heat of the summer arrives and before the cold of the winter arrives again. Upgrades can help keep your home’s worth at its current valuation as well so that if you are ever ready to sell, your home will be ready too. Consider the five upgrades below for some items that you can be working on when the spring gets here.

1. HVAC System

If your HVAC system is in need of repair, you probably need to fix it before the summer gets here with its scorching heat unless you do not want air conditioning. Consider professional A/C maintenance in Utah County to receive the repairs you need and to install any new systems that are necessary for your home. If your system is older, the professionals can quickly uninstall the old HVAC system and bring a new one in before you need to worry about the heat. You deserve to be comfortable this summer, and that comes through a perfectly working HVAC system, which is why it is first on this list.

2. Paint

If you have not painted your home in a long time, now is a better time than ever to start. Consider a neutral color like gray or beige if you want a lighthearted and easy feel that will match anything in your home. If you are looking for something more fun though, consider a blue or red in your kitchen and a yellow in your bathroom. The possibilities are endless and your house will look completely different when you are done painting the rooms that are in need of a new coat.

3. Landscape

You want your home to look as nice as your neighbors do when people going down your street are just viewing it from the outdoors. If you are looking to sell your home soon, you also want to give the buyers a good first impression of your home. Remove dead branches and dead plants throughout your yard in order to start landscaping it and making it look better. Make sure to put down straw and grass seeds to cover up any dead spots in your yard, and add mulch and new shrubs to give a little something extra.

4. New Flooring

If your flooring is starting to come up or if it looks old and worn out, try installing new flooring at your home. If you have carpeting in your home, you can even pull that up to expose what could be underneath, which could even be hardwood. If you do not have hardwood, lay down a laminate or vinyl for a more modern look in your home. Make sure that it matches the walls that you painted as mentioned above in order to make everything in your home look as cohesive as possible.

5. Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home that you have to stay on top of with renovations. If you are looking for something inexpensive to do in your bathroom, just paint the walls and exchange out the fixtures with something more modern. You can also paint the tiles around the tub, or simply replace them if you want something that is totally different in your home. Make sure to add new decor that matches the new colors and the new fixtures that are in your bathroom too for this home upgrade.

Final Thoughts

Many home upgrades are possible to do in your home this spring, especially if your home is in need of them or you are looking to buy something new. Start with small changes such as new paint colors and new fixtures, and move on to larger upgrades such as a replacement of the HVAC system. It is important to ensure that you are always comfortable and in a space that you are always in love with. Start with these small upgrades for just the right amount of renovation that your home needs this spring.

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