WiMi Hologram Cloud: Digital Human in Metaverse, When Is It Time To Load Up?



Today in 2022, more and more companies and brands try to use virtual digital human plus virtual scenes, changing the previous marketing model, towards short videos, to live to stream, breaking the boundary of the next dimensional wall through virtual technology, making the consumer scene more vivid, bringing visual impact and interesting interactive experience to users. Virtual scene live has become a hot spot sought after by the public, through 3D modeling to create virtual scene material, real-time rendering, tracking, the character behavior, and space into one, with low-cost virtual technology to create the brand tone, highly ornamental scene, to the online audience to bring the ultimate audition experience, but also to help the brand better convey the product concept. It can be said that virtual production and virtual-real fusion technology is driving the change in traditional live broadcast form. The “virtual person plus virtual scene” live broadcast subverts the traditional live broadcast mode, refreshing the user’s understanding of the platform and the brand, building a new marketing ecology, virtual live broadcast will become the core channel of normalized marketing and the necessary means of the brand store operation.

The rise of brand self-broadcast is strong, and virtual live broadcast has become a new windfall

With the rise of the live economy, the live form is also constantly “evolving”. The wind of the metaverse blows up, promoting the upgrading and iteration of the live industry, opening up a greater imagination of the virtual live industry, and also opening up new marketing ideas for brands, broadening the competition battlefield. Nowadays, more and more virtual anchors start to be active in the major brands live, especially in the middle of the night. Almost all can see the virtual anchor “figure”.

(1) brand: live broadcast of the anchor, cost, content and other aspects of the new requirements, virtual live effectively help businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Virtual live momentum is so strong, on the one hand, relative to the live homogenization of serious, may appear all kinds of emergencies, expensive anchor charges, the brand is difficult to accumulate its own traffic and other problems, virtual live can achieve 24-hour live, enhance the weight of the live room, get more traffic, while the virtual anchor persona stable, not easy to “collapse room “.

(2) Platform side: In order to find new traffic and business opportunities, all major platforms are increasing the layout of virtual live streaming.

On the other hand, for the platform, with the in-depth development of live streaming, they are also looking for new modes of bringing goods to enhance the live streaming attractiveness of the platform and adsorb more brand merchants to their platform.

(3) User side: Generation Z people are gradually becoming the main force of consumption, and virtual brand IP images are more easily accepted.

In addition, with the arrival of the meta-universe era, Generation Z people who love to break the stereotypes and pursue innovation gradually become the main force of consumption, and virtual live streaming can break the boundary of the next dimensional wall, bring users more vivid consumption scenes and more interesting interactive experiences, and stimulate young people’s demand for immersive virtual entertainment and digital consumption. At the same time, the virtualized brand IP image is more vivid, which can accelerate the process of brand rejuvenation and cognition, bring the brand closer to the new consumer group, and shape the brand image in the metaverse era.

WiMi digital human drives the perfect integration of technology and brand marketing

In this era of pervasive information, with the gradual disappearance of the Internet’s traffic dividend, the cost of customer acquisition for brand online marketing continues to climb high, how to build a good information carrier and promote through a novel model has become an immediate need in brand marketing. WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is a company focused on computer vision holographic cloud services, as one of the more outstanding holographic cloud industry integrated entities in China in terms of scale, coverage of the industry chain and performance, and aims to become a holographic cloud platform with potential and international influence. Its 3D virtual content production holographic cloud platform, virtual AR live streaming, and AI virtual human capability platform enable the company to create virtual human products under multiple application scenarios. The emergence of virtual digital human plus virtual scenes model, to the enterprise marketing approach to inject new strength, but also indicates that the traditional marketing approach is transforming towards digital mode. For those entrepreneurs who are optimistic about the development of “virtual human”, they naturally have high hopes for the track of digital virtual human, which is called “metaverse entrance”. WiMi is a large Internet company with a comprehensive business model and a broader layout of virtual human technology, which can aggregate a series of sophisticated hardware, technology, algorithms and software, and such a platform is more likely to evolve into an open virtual world. WiMi focuses on the full stack of real-time animation and virtual live technology, from 3D modeling and rendering to motion capture, AI, from a single virtual human customization to the creation of virtual live room, technology development comprehensive.

WiMi has AI artificial intelligence, machine recognition, machine learning, model theory, video image processing technology, currently mainly used in entertainment, advertising, health and other industries, AI light field vision for the real world and the metaverse to open a three-dimensional digital light channel. WiMi actively create the top visual AI production mode, subverting the traditional naked eye 3D stereoscopic display mode. It realizes the full view without crosstalk, makes the light field display device widely into the public consumption field, and the light field AI vision can help the “real world” gradually evolve into the “metaverse virtual environment”.

WiMi relies on the mature visual design team foundation, deep excavation of virtual live technology, online digital virtual live business, to enrich the business framework for enterprises to provide more services, solve user problems, covering a variety of industries and services in multiple fields. WiMi attaches importance to the investment in equipment, and believes that only high-tech products have the opportunity to break the boundaries, from virtual images to realistic arrangements, presenting the audience with a rich sense of reality and immersion. WiMi grasps the direction of holographic digital entertainment development direction, adapts to customer holographic visual stereoscopic demand, replace the new holographic stereoscopic equipment to achieve holographic stereoscopic visual entertainment experience.


In the final analysis, the virtual digital human boom in 2022 is increasingly clear. Companies in different fields are selling the development of virtual human business. Digital avatars could become a pretty big, relatively independent industry later on. And as the core concept of the new wave in the metaverse, it is believed that in the near future, there will be virtual digital people with different functions to realize the experience of collaboration, communication, learning and entertainment, etc. Together with the construction of application scenario mining and content ecology, a certain scale effect will definitely be formed.

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