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Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Arctic Bearz NFT



If you ever get a chance to give back to this planet without spending a fortune, would you let go of that opportunity? You probably wouldn’t. Moreover, if you have the chance to make money while giving back to the planet, you would love to be a part of that project. That project is Arctic Bearz NFT. It provides you the chance to win attractive prizes while ensuring that a part of your proceeds will go towards safeguarding endangered polar bears. 

The founders want to slowly create an ecosystem, consisting of male, female, and baby cubs to increase the number of polar bears in this world. What’s in it for you? Here are a few perks you can expect from Arctic Bearz:

  1. You can become a part of the Discord and provide valuable insights on how to save endangered animals. The founders are open to implementing ideas from the community members that may help polar bears and other animals that are on the verge of becoming extinct. 
  2. The first 100 members who buy Arctic Bearz NFTs will receive polar bear adoption packs. The next 250 members in the whitelist spots will also win various rewards that the founders will soon announce on Arctic Bearz’s Instagram and Twitter handles. If you are one of the active members in the community, you can expect to get a preference when it comes to the founders selecting the winners. 
  3.  The rarity of the Arctic Bearz NFTs will range from common to legendary. If you are lucky enough to buy a legendary Arctic Bearz NFT, you will stand a chance to win a reward according to the legendary theme that your NFT represents. There will be only 8 legendary Bearz; so, you can expect a lot of competition from other investors.
  4. The founders will start giveaways to the Discord community members. Make sure you register on Discord as soon as possible. You will not only increase your chances of winning rewards but also stay updated with the latest news and plans of Arctic Bearz. 
  5. One lucky winner will receive as many as $10,000 as a gift. This will take place a few months after the launch. 
  6. Finally, the founders will donate 5% of the proceeds from Arctic Bearz’s mint launch to the WWF, its charity partner. The proceeds will go towards helping endangered polar bears. As already mentioned, if you are one of the first hundred holders of the Arctic Bearz NFT, you will get an adoption pack for one polar bear. 

Will you make money from Arctic Bearz NFTs? You may if the prices of the NFTs go up in the future and you decide to sell. But what’s more important is that you will become a part of a community that invests not to make a profit, but to keep endangered animals like polar bears safe. That speaks volumes of your perception of life and this planet. It’s the least you can do for the planet that has given a lot ever since you were born.