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Danjo Capital Master The Nft King, Breaks Up With His Russian Girlfriend “Anastasia.”



Danjo The Capital Master, also known as the NFT KING / NFT Master, announces the end of his relationship with Anastasia, a well-known international model in Russia.

Anastasia Petrovna worked for Wilhelmina Models, one of the world’s largest modeling agencies. The reason for this was primarily due to their long-distance relationship status.

Danjo posted a video on social media, saying, “It is really difficult for me and for her to continue this relationship, because we are so far apart. Also, there are changes in our own interests, and we no longer want the same things.” It is best for us to part ways, and I am confident she will easily find another guy because she is a beautiful woman, a very beautiful model, and a feminine one. She and I will remain friends, and I will continue to support her throughout this process.”

Anastasia unfollowed Danjo on Instagram, saying, “We are both mature, and we accept the fact that we are not the same, It just hurts me that he wants to end it this way.” But I love him so much, and I respect his decision, so I agreed to break up with him, but the problem was really long distance.”

Meanwhile, the vlogs of Danjo Capital Master, on his Youtube Channel with anastasia is still there. One of his videos gained over 50k Views In just one week of posting this video. Anastasia and Danjo went viral after spending lavishly at five-star hotels in Dubai, including the Burj Al Arab and the Atlantis the Palm. Meanwhile, Danjo Capital Master’s Instagram is full of V.I.P Parties and luxury lifestyle, and he continues to flaunt his millionaire status on social media.

Danjo Capital Master is also a kickboxing champion in the Philippines, with a record of 4 wins and 0 losses. He also became wealthy through stock investments and the purchase and sale of NFTs. He also has a course that teaches Filipinos on how to be rich in NFTs.  He also has multiple businesses, and Real Estate, in the Philippines and the United States that generate passive income; he can also earn money from his laptop while traveling around the world.

Rumor has it that Danjo Capital Master is dating another Turkish model, which may be the cause of their breakup, but who knows? Maybe they’re not really meant to be.

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