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Sublime Traders: Trading signals for crypto, stocks and forex fully supported by telegram



[Paris, France, 19.04.2023] – Sublime Traders, a leading cryptocurrency trading group, has recently announced the expansion of its services to offer scalping, mid, and long term signals for various assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, and NFTs. Catering to the needs of traders on Bybit and Binance exchanges, Sublime Traders leverages advanced automated trading through Cornix and provides exclusive access to a suite of TradingView indicators for its VIP members.

What is Sublime Traders? 

Sublime Traders specializes in daily market analysis, enabling its members to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and market movements. In addition to its impressive offering of resources and tools, Sublime Traders maintains a multilingual VIP chat and website, ensuring that a wide range of traders can benefit from its services. 

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“Our goal at Sublime Traders is to provide a comprehensive trading experience for all of our members, regardless of their preferred market or language. We are confident that our expanded offerings will enable our clients to make informed trading decisions and capitalize on lucrative opportunities,” said [Name, Title] of Sublime Traders. 

Pricing and trading signal plans 

Members can choose from three pricing tiers, ranging from $99 to $259 per month. Each tier comes with varying levels of access to the group’s resources and tools, including: 

  • Spot trading signals
  • Futures trading signals
  • Long/mid term trades
  • Scalping signals
  • NFT Calls and Whitelist spots
  • All trades with TA charts
  • One on One sessions
  • Full automation with Cornix Bot
  • Access to Sublime Tradingview indicators
  • Crypto trading education
  • Trading Videos
  • Tips and strategies
  • Amazing community
  • Crypto scanner  

Sublime Traders’ comprehensive trading solution empowers both new and experienced traders to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, and NFTs with ease. By providing valuable market insights and leveraging innovative automated trading technology, Sublime Traders aims to facilitate the growth and success of its members in the ever-evolving financial landscape. 

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About Sublime Traders

Sublime Traders is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading group that specializes in providing scalping, mid, and long term signals for a wide range of assets. With an emphasis on daily market analysis, automated trading, and a suite of exclusive TradingView indicators, Sublime Traders strives to equip its members with the resources and tools necessary for success in today’s dynamic financial markets.  

Media Contact:

Telegram: @Logicalorange 

Sublime Traders

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