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Insider Scoop: Celebrity Trainer Tobias Oyeyinka



A study by MyProtein found that the top personal trainers earn above $10,000, with some even above $50,000 for a single sponsored social media post. Australia’s influential personal trainers have had to adapt and overcome to become leaders in their field. Besides obstacles presented by the pandemic, the personal trainer industry is competitive, and even more so, the celebrity personal trainer industry. To be successful, these personal trainers need to train clients, possibly run gyms, run their own businesses and partner with brands, all while building a strong social media presence. 

This is exactly what celebrity trainer, Tobias Oyeyinka, has done. Tobias runs a fitness business, as well as a fitness app, all while bringing something unique and luxurious to the personal trainer industry.

Who is Tobias Oyeyinka?

Image courtesy of Tobias Oyeyinka

Tobias Oyeyinka is a bodybuilder, a qualified fitness and nutritional coach, who is affectionately known personally and on social media as Tobias or T.K. Tobias is based in Sydney, Australia. Tobias has been a fitness fanatic since he was 17 years old. Tobias is also an HR manager and has successfully obtained a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Human Resources Management, and Certificate IV in Frontline Management. Tobias has also successfully obtained a Master of Fitness and a Certificate in Strength and Anatomy.

The celebrity trainer competed in the NABBA and WFF bodybuilding competition, and placed first in his division. The rigorous preparation for the competition allowed Tobias to learn about his body and the human body in general. Tobias also has his own company based in Sydney, named ODM-FIT, and a fitness app. ODM, which stands for ‘on the move’, offers multiple services such as: 

  • Corporate training is a fitness program that supports a healthy workplace. Tobias and his team offer customized exercise to companies to suit their staff’s needs and the company’s culture. Besides improving team culture, the program is designed to improve team collaboration, increase productivity, improve mood, relieve stress, increase employee engagement, increase employee retention rate, increase job satisfaction, and reduce absenteeism.
  • F & F training, which is a family and friends program, is designed for a group of people who would like to train together at their own pace, time and location. Tobias and his team will join the clients at the location to train them while incorporating fun activities for bonding as well. 
  • One-on-one training is a program where a personal trainer will join the client at a gym or at the clients’ home. The necessary equipment will be supplied by ODM-FIT at no additional costs. 

The fitness app is user-friendly and offers over 2,000 different exercises. The app also is customizable where it allows users to create their own workout routine, and it allows users to request a customized fitness program, suited to their body type and goals, curated by Tobias.

The Celebrity Program

The Celebrity program is a fully customised program which includes training program and a meal plan – fit for a celebrity in Australia. The client will be joined by a personal trainer in the location of their choice, they will be offered a personalised meal plan, they will have cooked meals and snacks delivered to their specific location, and they will have access to a massage therapist for recovery. A celebrity who has been trained by Tobias using this program is Timomatic, an Australian singer-songwriter and dancer, who appeared in the new Netflix miniseries, Clickbait. 

Despite the name – Celebrity Program, it is not exclusive to celebrities or high profile names. Tobias says the program caters for individuals, CEOs, executives, celebrities, and anyone with a busy lifestyle. Although high profile names do use the program, Tobias says, “I treat everybody equally, I believe we’re all human and I believe we should all be treated with the ultimate respect”.

Image courtesy of Tobias Oyeyinka


Tobias’s passion for fitness and people have created a strong brand and self-awareness. This shows in his personal life, professional life, as well as in the programs he offers in his business and app. For individuals interested in starting or furthering their fitness journey with that extra bit of pizzazz, the celebrity program would be their best bet. 

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