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Impactful SEO Tips for Digital Marketers to Achieve Higher Search Rankings

A perfect SEO strategy is essential for businesses to stay competitive. Here are some impactful SEO tactics that digital marketers should not miss out on.



Today, SEO has become imperative for all businesses to sustain the stiff competition prevailing in the business environment. If they fail to run effective SEO campaigns, they will eventually be out of business.

With effective tactics, you can rank your website higher in Google so that your potential customers can find your website in search engine results when they do searches with specific keywords.

Here, we describe some of the most impactful SEO techniques for you to implement in your digital marketing strategy:

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are website development standards that assess your website users’ experience. It can include speed, visual stability, and overall responsiveness. Google Search Console and related extensions allow you to see how your site performs with Core Web Vitals.

According to Google, the page experience ranking factor will be among the several criteria that it considers while ranking websites in search engine results. And, since it is among the many standards, it is likely to have a little ranking impact. 

Google also says that it prioritizes pages with good general information for ranking in search engine results, although page experience is essential. 

If the page experience is terrible, Google will rank pages with great content higher in search engine results. 

Also, Google seriously considers what you see on mobiles–its Mobile-First Index. Even with it, things like relevance, prominent use of keywords in page titles, headers, and backlinks matters when it comes to page rankings. Yet, poor page experience can negatively impact SEO. 

Therefore, conduct a Google Mobile-Friendly Test to check your website. In addition, you should pay attention to the core web vitals and mobile experiences to stay ahead in the SEO race. 

Use Subtopics

Subtopics have become necessary when it comes to search engine rankings. In this context, let us refer to what Google said to understand things better.

Google said that if one searches for home exercise equipment, Google can figure out the relevant subtopics, like budget equipment, premium picks, or small space ideas. And that allows it to display a broader range of content on the search results page. If the topic is precise, Google provides better search results. 

Long-tail phrases will work better in ranking websites in search engine results. Broad terms will not work well. 

Ensure that your website supports long-tail keyword phrases. Notably, you need not keep repeating long-tail phrases in your content. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms can take care of that. All you need to do is include long-tail keywords in your content and support them using similar phrases.

For example, say your long-tail keyword phrase is “winter and cold weather running gear.” The related phrases in the content can be texts such as “jackets” or “running in the rain.”

It will help if you delegate the task to a company offering digital marketing services if you do not have competent in-house resources to run effective SEO campaigns. 

Use Featured Snippets

You can have a tremendous advantage over other websites if there is a featured snippet on it. The visibility can attract visitor clicks.  

Although some visitors will not click on the snippet, many will click on it. Many content types, such as a paragraph, table, list, or chart, can feature snippets. 

In 2020, Ahrefs, which has more than 110 million keywords in its database, showed that 12.3 percent of queries return SERPs with a featured snippet from its featured snippets research. 

Avoid Manipulating Exiting High Ranking Pages

Guard your existing pages that rank well in search engine results. Do not manipulate their content in the hope of further improving their performances. But monitor their performance. 

You can, however, change a few words for non-SEO purposes. Do not change the page content header or page title alone. And do not delete the page.

If you made any changes, monitor how the changes impact the rankings.

Create New SEO Content 

Creating new content with SEO tactics can help you to rank your page better in search engine results. While creating a page, pay attention to page titles, page content headers, subheads, and image file names.

Use long-tail keyword phrases, which typically have three or more words, that help to rank your page higher in search engine results. 

Revise Page Titles

Page titles play a significant role in SEO. Pages can rank higher if there are different page titles, such as dashes, vertical pipes, or no separators.

For example, look at the following page title styles:

Drip – Coffee Makers – Coffee & Espresso – The Home Depot

Coffee Makers | Drip | The Home Depot

Buy Coffee Makers at The Home Depot

The trick is to tweak the titles over time and test the results. Only testing will say which style works the best. Try out all the combinations, and do not miss out on any, which might restrict your page from achieving a better ranking. 

For the example given, you can try out the following combinations:

  • Coffee Makers (week one)
  • Buy Coffee Makers (week two)
  • Buy Coffee Makers at The Home Depot (week three)
  • Coffee Makers at The Home Depot (week four)
  • Drip Coffee Makers at The Home Depot (week five)

Page Load Speed

The page load speed is an important factor that determines the success of your SEO campaigns. If your page takes too long to load, visitors tend to dump it. As a result, the bounce rate will increase, which will hamper Google’s rankings. So, focus on improving the page load speed if it is low. You can use a tool like GTmetrix or Google’s PageSpeed Insights to monitor your page loading speed.

Use short URLs

URLs also play an important role in search engine rankings. Ensure that you keep it short, and avoid using many words. It is because visitors are more likely to click on short URLs on the results pages.

Pursue Backlinks

Backlinks to your website and their quality impact its search engine rankings. You should focus on attracting backlinks with great content on your websites, like a video series, original research, a white paper, or directories.

Quality Content Does Not Always Win

Although Google has said that quality content plays a crucial role in ranking websites in search engine results, you can find many websites with quality content performing poorly in search engine rankings. It happens due to issues in keywords, page titles, headers, and backlinks. So, pay attention to those.


A robust SEO strategy is essential for business success. We believe that this article will help you to fine-tune your SEO strategy. 

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