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How to Have a Great Day Out in the Open Air



Every human being needs a break sometimes. It is essential to break from the usual routine of work or studying to give your body and mind a chance to rest.

Needless to say, most people prefer spending their off days indoors probably for lack of ideas on what to do out there. However, fun is out there in the open. Besides, after spending most days locked up in the office or at home, it is good to break the norm and step outside for some fun and air.

Thanks to nature, you can achieve an awesome day out at very minimal or no cost at all. Below, we discuss four ways through which you can make a great day out in the open.

1) Bike around nature

Biking around nature is a good way to refresh the mind and rejuvenate your body and spirits. It is also fun especially when done with family and friends. Just identify an area with beautiful sceneries to ride around. While at it, you can cook your own food in the open and take a lot of pictures around the beautiful sceneries to double the fun.  

If you are nursing an injury or you get tired easily due to an illness, don’t miss out on the fun just because you can’t keep up with the rest on your regular bicycle. Invest in a gas-powered bicycle in preparation for a fun day out. Unlike a regular bicycle, a motorized bicycle offers assistance when pedaling. This means that you use less energy and don’t tire easily and therefore ride for longer. It also is easy on the knees and thighs making it easier to peddle even with an injury.

2) Go camping with friends to a campsite or your backyard

Amazingly, camping is one of the cheapest, fun-filled activities and suitable for any social group. Couple that with activities such as playing cards, cooking in the open, reading interesting novels, playing musical instruments, dancing and you have an amazing time.  You can do it for just a day or a whole weekend depending on your schedule. 

If you choose to do it in your backyard, identify an open space to fix your tent. Bring out some food and drinks, or better yet, do a barbeque. In addition, you can get a jumping rope, or a ball to engage in some games.

 3) Traverse the city or town

It is possible that you hardly get a chance to explore the very town or city you live in. This is because you probably run against time trying to get to work on time. When going home from work, you are tired and still have to endure the tight traffic.

Surprisingly, there could be very interesting places that you never get a chance to visit.  A day out is a perfect chance to do so. Just leave home without a specific place in mind. When walking along the streets, you can get a snack from the street vendors as you engage them in fun talks. Take the chance to ask for directions to exciting places they know about. Spice it up even more by taking random selfies or taking pictures of the beautiful buildings. It certainly is a fun-filled adventure that lets you explore your town and free your mind while at it.

However, it is important that you take caution not to be conned or misled by opportunists. You would be better off engaging a companion or a group of friends in the adventure.

4) Do some gardening

Gardening is not only good for growing fresh foods for your family; it is also an activity that lets you exercise and have fun at the same time. You can attend to your vegetable garden, weeding, pruning or watering the plants. This is also a great way to have fun teaching your kids about growing healthy foods.

In addition, plant some flowers or water them if you already have some. If you are in for some rigorous activity, you can trim the grass in your front and back yards. You will love it seeing your neat lawn after you are done.


Most people shy away from having fun and enjoying their days out because they think it will cost them. Evidently, from the above tips, you don’t have to be in an expensive hotel in order to have a great time out in the open. What you have around you is enough to create some fun and enjoy your time with friends and family out there.