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DIY mobile app builders are set to change the future of app development



The convolutions of custom app development have been afflicting businesses for ages. However, the scenario is now changing rapidly. DIY mobile app builders are here to transform the process of app development and redefine its future.

The consumerization of technology has opened many new avenues for businesses of all kinds. It is facilitating ‘glocalization’ by helping local brands go global with the use of advanced technology and tools.

The revolution started with businesses creating websites and reached a point where they started complementing their websites with mobile apps. It is evident that to make the most of the online market, targeting app-based customers became mandatory overtime.

This change also led to the proliferation of app development agencies that could cater to the growing demands of apps. However, not every business is financially equipped to invest in the extensive journey of custom mobile app development.

But recent developments and innovations have led to the advent of DIY app builders that are changing the face of the app industry. While there are a few app builders that offer outdated and very basic services, however, there are a few that deliver professional quality apps for all kinds of businesses and services.

Breaking the technical and infrastructural barriers

The key asset of many DIY app builders is their revolutionary “code-free” and “portable” system. With such a technology in place, one simply does not need any kind of technical expertise to create, customize, and manage their apps.
While custom app developers operate in an ecosystem that requires huge infrastructural setups, high-end machines, large workspaces, and more, DIY app makers are completely web-based. You can reach an app builder from anywhere in the world and build your app online.

Diminishing the monopoly of custom app developers

Custom app developers have been ruling the app market for years. Some app builders also took unfair advantages of the lack of high-level IT literacy in people at large and charged businesses inequitably.
However, now that DIY app builders are here, transparency and competitive pricing will become a general practice across the globe. By eliminating the need for advance payments and expert technicians like coders, designers, etc., online app builders are also democratizing the process.

Ensuring affordable premium native apps for all

As a result of the democratization, apps have now come within the reach of any business, big or small. Surprisingly, the apps now are not static or web-view. In fact, clients can build high-performing, dynamic and native apps that remain in sync with their website.For instance, some WordPress and WooCommerce app builders like AppMySite enable consumers to build their own apps without burning a hole in their pockets. They come with economical and flexible pricing plans and well-customized packages that are tailored to suit a variety of needs.

Changing the face of app development industry forever

DIY mobile app builders are still in their beginning phase and will continue to evolve and become even more competitive with time.
While it is still very early to predict their eventual rise in the market, however, it is evident that the future of online app builders is quite promising. They are here to abate the dominance of custom app developers and revolutionize the app industry forever.

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