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Cryptocurrency Exposed as a Scam Broker by Upward Finance



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Upward Finance, a leading online platform for scam prevention and recovery, has revealed that Current Coin is a scam broker that is not licensed or regulated and has been defrauding customers of their hard-earned money. 

New York, NY – March 15, 2023 – Upward Finance, a trusted source of information and guidance for online traders and investors, has published a detailed scam review of Current Coin, a trading broker that claims to offer forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. The review exposes the fraudulent practices of Current Coin and warns potential customers to stay away from them. 

Current Coin claims to be a trading broker offering a range of trading options, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. However, Upward Finance’s investigation has revealed that Current Coin is a scam operation that uses fraudulent practices to defraud unsuspecting customers of their money. 

Current Coin uses high-pressure sales techniques to convince customers to deposit funds with them. They create a sense of urgency by claiming that the opportunity to invest will not be available for long. Upward Finance warns customers to be cautious of such tactics, as they are designed to pressure customers into making a hasty decision without properly researching the broker. 

Upward Finance’s investigation has also revealed that Current Coin is not licensed or regulated by any reputable authority. This means that they do not comply with industry standards and regulations, leaving their customers vulnerable to fraud and scams. As a result, numerous customers have reported losing their money and being unable to withdraw their funds or contact customer support. 

To prevent falling victim to scams such as Current Coin, Upward Finance provides tips and advice on how to identify and avoid illegitimate brokers. They advise customers to research brokers thoroughly before investing with them, checking their website for any red flags, such as unrealistic promises or unprofessional design. They also recommend looking for brokers who are licensed and regulated by reputable authorities and who comply with industry standards and regulations. 


In the event that a customer has invested with a scam broker such as Current Coin, Upward Finance offers assistance in recovering their money through a chargeback process. They provide a range of recovery services and educational resources to help customers trade and invest online safely and confidently. 

Upward Finance’s mission is to protect traders and investors from online scams and frauds. They provide comprehensive scam reviews, safety ratings, and educational resources to help customers make informed investment decisions. They believe that education and knowledge are the key to preventing scams and ensuring that customers can trade and invest online with confidence. 

In conclusion, Upward Finance’s scam review of Current Coin highlights the importance of exercising caution when selecting a broker. Customers should thoroughly research brokers before investing with them and be wary of any red flags or unrealistic promises. By following Upward Finance’s advice, customers can minimize their risk of falling victim to scams and make informed investment decisions. 

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