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Benefits of NodeJs developer

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Benefits of NodeJs developer

What is nodejs?

As an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, Nodejs is designed to build scalable network applications.

This is in contrast to today’s more common concurrency model, in which OS threads are employed. Thread-based networking is relatively inefficient and very difficult to use. 

Furthermore, users of Nodejs are free from the worries of dead-locking the process, since there are no locks. 

Almost no function in Node.js directly performs I/O, so the process never blocks. Because nothing blocks, scalable systems are very reasonable to develop in Nodejs.

Node.js is best suitable for

  • Real-time web applications

  • Streaming applications

  • Messaging apps

  • Chat programs

  • Social media apps

  • Virtual emulators

  • Multiplayer games

  • Collaboration tools

  • API

Nodejs as a platform of choice for startups provides the following benefit

  • Event-driven server

Real-time applications have to interact with thousands of real-time users leveraging the app. Nodejs helps to support the response based on the event-based server that aids in the non-blocking functionality of the app.


  • Data sync

Node.js enables developers to effectively use the non-blocking I/O functional. Transmission of data and syncing amongst the server and the client is faster than using Node.js.


  • Scalable

As Nodejs is based on JavaScript programming language, it can scale up applications faster. Application is Node.js powered and based on the single-threaded model, as well as the event loop can effectively manage client scalability requests.


  • Shareability

Nodejs facilitates microservice architecture. This is a real-time programming language that enables the developer to leverage library code packages more than once and shares them across diverse projects which saves development time and increases productivity.


  • SEO friendliness

SEO is imperative for any business to gain online visibility and customer reach. Node.js enhances the app engagement and offers more visibility to the app. The Apps powered by Nodejs are not only high on performance but also offer a great user experience which is imperative for high SEO rankings.


  • Proxy server

It is a great programming language for the project where intermediary admins are required. A developer needs to use a twenty-line code to leverage Node.js as a proxy server. It makes the app most suited for streaming data from a range of sources.

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