3 Careers to Consider If You Have a STEM Degree



STEM is a wide area that covers careers that involve science, engineering, technology, and math, and the many industries that are associated with these career types. You can virtually work anywhere and do almost anything when you have a STEM degree. There are a few specific careers, however, that you should pursue that focus on these analytical skills.

1. Space Careers

The first career path you should consider if you have a STEM degree is in working within one of many space careers. You can become an astronaut due to your expertise in science, for instance, where you can explore and learn about outer space while there. An astronomer is also a science-based job for those with a STEM degree in which you can conduct research on outer space and come up with theories. There are also career choices that have to do with engineering and math when you have a STEM degree with these focuses.

Consider becoming an aerospace engineer or a rocket scientist, for instance, if you are interested more in math and engineering. You can solve problems to make spacecraft pieces more modern and to make the exploration of outer space more feasible for these astronauts who are planning to go there. You can help in the development of technology for the spacecraft so that they work the best they possibly can and can explore all that is out there. You can also assist in the planning of the building of the spacecraft themselves to ensure they will work effectively for the astronauts.

2. IT Solutions

If you are interested in math or technology, and you have a STEM degree in one of these fields, consider working in computer technology services. You could even work in one of many IT services in which you work to fix others’ computers. You could literally build computers as well which would take into account some of the engineering skills that are required for a STEM degree as well. This will allow you to work with technology and be engaged in engineering if you follow a degree plan that is specifically in computer engineering.

You could also become a programmer with a STEM degree, and computer programming would be considered a STEM degree program for you to choose from. This would rely more on math and technology and would allow you to come up with scripts and with data codes for online programs, websites, and even mobile applications. You literally can assist in building this software from the ground up, then integrate systems that can host this software. Finally, you will probably have to provide some maintenance for the software that you have developed to help others understand them well and be able to use them well.

3. Scientist

The final career path that you can take as a STEM graduate is that of a scientist. This really fits most closely, obviously, with the science side of the STEM degree. You can work in a variety of different sciences though, whether that be physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, or something else. Your job will literally be to explore what is in the world around you and to help understand it better.

As a scientist in order to help others understand the world, you will develop theories and conduct experiments about those theories. Even if you are a zoologist, you will have to develop theories about animal behavior and find ways to help the animals you work with, for instance. You could, as a chemist, come up with a solution to help find a new prescription for a new disease. This comes with a very analytical mind so that you can come up with solutions to the problems you encounter, which also comes with a need to pay attention to all of the details. It is only through having a perspective like this that your career as a scientist can become successful and that you can find success in your STEM degree program.

Final Thoughts

STEM degree programs maybe some of the most analytical, so maybe some of the most difficult as well. With this in mind though, the world is limitless as to what you can do with one of these degrees. Consider a career in outer space or a career as a chemist, and everything in between. 

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