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10 Jobs for Adrenaline Junkies



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Adrenaline is a hormone that the body releases in conditions of stress. There are many different careers that give an adrenaline rush, and different people get a rush of adrenaline from different things. This list of jobs are some of the most common jobs that give individuals a rush of adrenaline.

1. Race Car Driver

This career can provide a very large adrenaline rush due to the high speeds that the drivers are moving at. Also, the competitiveness between drivers can add to the adrenaline. Most individuals receive a rush of adrenaline when riding a roller coaster due to the high speeds that they travel. The fastest roller coaster travels at 150 miles per hour, while the average race car travels at 200 miles per hour. 

2. Police Officer

Police officers might not be seen as individuals who receive adrenaline from their job, but there are aspects of their jobs that can provide a rush of adrenaline. At times, police officers must participate in high-speed chases which can give them a rush of adrenaline similar to race cars. Also, they risk their lives every day they put on their uniform, which can provide an adrenaline rush as well.

3. Firefighter

Firefighters are risking their lives similarly to police officers. However, firefighters’ common tasks include much more risk. Running into a burning building knowing that someone needs your help can provide a great deal of adrenaline, and allow you to do crazy things to save people.

4. Paramedic

Being a paramedic requires you to work with people who are near death. This can create a rush of adrenaline because you know that if you do not do your job, the person that is in your care could potentially die.

5. Surgeon

A surgeon’s adrenaline rush can come similarly to a paramedic’s. There are different types of surgeons, but all take on incredible responsibilities and have lives in their hands every day. Surgeons who operate on brains, and hearts, receive extreme rushes of adrenaline because of what can occur if they are not successful with their operation.

6. Military

Serving in the military requires a lot of bravery and toughness. You are going through a lot of every day, and protecting an entire country of people. Those in the military are constantly putting their lives on the line, and they always must be alert. This can cause high levels of adrenaline.

7. Astronaut

Astronauts do not get rushes of adrenaline every time they are on the job, but when they are participating in a launch they receive massive amounts of adrenaline. Being launched into outer space can cause a rush of adrenaline because there is the stress of possible death, and you are being sent into space at extremely high speeds on a rocket ship.

8. Pilot

Pilots receive adrenaline rushes when they fly planes. Experienced pilots may not receive adrenaline rushes all that often because of the number of flights that they have been a part of, but relatively inexperienced pilots can receive massive amounts of adrenaline. You are thousands of feet up in the air, and you are in control of a plane that has hundreds of people in it.

9. Correctional Facility Officer

Being a correctional facility officer you always need to be on high alert. This is because you are dealing with potentially dangerous individuals. This can lead to adrenaline rushes because of the fear that may be triggered by having to deal with these individuals.

10. ATV Racer

ATV racing is similar to racecar driving, but you are on much different terrain. The terrain can lead to many uncertainties that can cause adrenaline rushes. There are many ATV dealerships out there, and if you are passionate about them you could even learn how to start a powersports dealership.


This list of careers are among many that cause adrenaline rushes. Different people get adrenaline from different things, but these are the most common careers that lead to rushes of adrenaline.

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