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Video Marketing Tips For YouTube Channel



A recent study found that 57 percent of online consumers were more likely to purchase a product they are considering buying after watching a video of that product. Video helps you communicate with your audience.

Today, a lot of the company’s marketing efforts have been created to help build trust.

Video is the bridge to what you say who you are, allowing customers to peek behind the scenes and learn about the brand.

Video is the goldmine of SEO, which helps build backlinks to your site, increase posts and likes (which can affect search rankings), and increase traffic to your site. And don’t forget that YouTube is owned by Google, so be sure to post your videos to YouTube and tag them with phrases and keywords .

Videos further help in preserving information. If your customers only hear something, they will likely retain around 10% of this information after three days; However, if what they hear is accompanied by relevant pictures, they retain an average of 65% of this information after three days.

Email subject lines with the word “video” indicate a 19% increase in open prices and a 65% increase in click-through rates.

Four times the number of customers who would rather watch a product video than read product descriptions.

After watching a video, the likelihood that customers will make a purchase increases by 64-85%.

The biggest challenges facing video marketing in 2017 are the strategic challenges: how to create an effective and robust video marketing strategy, how to create engaging videos that are shared, and how to create content that people want to use.

Additionally, video content marketers need to have a solid understanding of metrics, how they indicate video marketing success and areas of improvement.

Best Practices For Video Marketing

From this challenge, raise video marketing best practices. And it’s all about strategy: If you want your video marketing to have results, you have to plan, test, analyze and test again. Yes, the goal of your videos is to tell a story and engage your customers, but from a digital marketing perspective , your videos should also align with your sales funnel.

What is the purpose of each video? Who is the audience? How does the video enhance your marketing goals?

The overall strategy and data should drive your video marketing strategy. First, plan a solid video development strategy for each level of your sales flow. Define the content and goals of each video. Determine the metrics that will best determine the success of your video. Then, test. Analyzer. Edit (and post) your videos when necessary.

Work to make it more effective. In 2017 and beyond, it’s the cornerstone of your brand’s marketing efforts.

YouTube Is Considered One Of The Most Important Video Marketing

With more than 2 billion views per day, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world.

YouTube primarily as a platform to share short videos with people. But over the years it has grown into an extremely powerful tool.

It is an essential tool for any business or individual seeking to reach a large number of people. The fact that it is easy to use, and provides a great networking platform increases its appeal.

YouTube is one of the best possible tools for starting a business and for making sure people see your brand or product.

YouTube Channel Benefits

1. Give your audience more content

One of the good reasons to add video and YouTube channel to your site is to give your audience more content. When people get a lot of quality content that solves their problems, they stay longer on your site and want to come back and visit more than once. We saw a lot of post that we wouldn’t otherwise see without the added video channel.

2. Increase your brand visibility

If you cannot create a video related to your business due to lack of time or lack of quality content, there are other ways. You can try tools like FlexClip. It concludes thousands of video templates for business, for social media and for lifestyle. You can create a high quality and stunning short video in minutes. And you can also simply scroll, rate and comment on the relevant videos. You can also share some good videos on your channel. Simply by doing this, you are making your brand more visible and in touch with other users.

3. Video content can prove your worth to potential clients

Whether your business provides products you sell or the relevant content service that solves your marketplace issues matters. No matter what your industry is, you are facing competition; If you can solve immediate problems for your potential customers with expert advice or explainer videos, they are more likely to see you as a trustworthy resource and entity. This applies to text-based content as well, but you can publish your videos to both your site and YouTube.

4. Sharing made easy

You may have people located in remote locations. You may not be able to share all of the materials with them. YouTube can be a good way to share presentations or something similar for these remote employees.

5. It is a great way to showcase your products and showcase your brand

YouTube creators pay a lot of attention to the backgrounds of their videos, because they present a critical context for the video. Use YouTube videos to show your logo, explain how your products work in different apps, and how to specifically benefit from video content marketing .

6. Saving Money

One of the most important factors in any marketing campaign is money. Traditional methods like advertising on TV or newspapers require a lot of money, but YouTube lets you download your videos completely for free. From setting up your channel to analyzing video traffic, it costs nothing.

7. Increase your website traffic

YouTube also allows you to insert links in your videos. By doing this, you can direct traffic from the YouTube video to your site. The search engine also indexes these videos, and the video results are comparatively less than the text results. This increases the chances of someone finding your business video by searching.

8. Get feedback

It can be a great tool to see what response a product might be getting. You simply have to bring up the video for your first model.

There is no better place to get an analysis of your product.

Tips for building your YouTube channel

1. Invest in concepts and ideas, not equipment

2. Create a great idea and concept for your channel.

Get started with 50 to 100 video ideas. Think carefully about the titles of these videos. Type it into the YouTube search box to see what happens. See what your competitors are doing. Find out where they are and devise a way to create better content.

3. Choose the video title well using search engines

The same SEO techniques you use on your web pages put your video titles. Include a keyword, but make sure the title is human-appealing.

Also, the first two lines of your video description are usually displayed in YouTube search results.

4. Associate your domain name with your YouTube channel

Connecting your website with your channel will tell YouTube that you are the official representative of your brand on YouTube. This leads to more relevant video results that indicate your business when someone searches for your branding or terms related to the services you offer.

5. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel

Tell viewers at the end of your videos to subscribe to your channel. A popular way is to create a “list” for each of your videos where you ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and check out some other videos.

On Facebook, tell your followers to subscribe to your channel. Do the same on Instagram and Twitter. Do it on your website, you create great content, so tell your viewers how to get more out of it.

6. Create attractive images for your channel and videos

You need 2 types of images for your YouTube channel:

– The YouTube banner for your channel

– And custom thumbnails for all the videos you post

7. Post new videos more frequently.

8. Create a video series to get watching and get more people to come back for more information.

9. Optimize your videos for YouTube search engine to reach a wider audience.

10. Encourage sharing with viewers and subscribers to help your channel grow.