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3 Resourceful Ways To Use Texting Services



Texting Services

Everyone loves to receive a text message. Whenever you feel your phone vibrate or hear the ding from a notification, the first thing you want to do is take out your phone and see who is writing to you. This is generally true regardless of the time of day or the place that you are located. Why is this the case? There has been much research that has gone into the reasons why people quickly respond to text messages. A person derives satisfaction from the fact that they are getting personalized and directed towards him or her. That being the case, you do well to investigate savvy ways to capitalize on people’s interest in text messaging.

What is a text messaging service?

A mass texting service is a service that allows you to send one text message out to various people. This is not to be confused with a group text. A group text may have several different recipients, but mass text messaging is a templated text message that is personalized for the individuals who you want to receive your notifications. With a mass text messaging service, you can give a specific message to hundreds of thousands of people without work. This allows you to engage with clients, members, or potential business partners.

Why Text Messaging Over Email?

Even though email marketing is still a powerful tool, text messaging is much more engaging. Research has proven that almost everyone reads their text messages. Only about 2% of text messages go unread. Even if a text message comes from someone unknown, it will still get read in full or in part. This is not the case when it comes to emails. When an email comes into a person’s mailbox, they will read the subject line and decide to open it or delete it. Regardless of the message inside the email, if the subject is not of interest to the person, it will never get read. To effectively communicate with your desired recipients, text messaging is the way to go.

How to Use a Mass Text Messaging Service

#1 Recruiting

When recruiting at your business, you do well to use mass text recruiting services. On average, a company will spend up to $4000 per hire when recruiting and hiring a new employee. A large part of this amount is due to the recruitment process. Not only is it expensive to hire a recruiter, but the systems and applications needed can also be costly. When you use a mass text messaging system to notify and engage with potential employees, you can save your company thousands of dollars.

#2 Notifying members

If you want to notify your members of an upcoming date or event, you can use a mass text messaging system. Since so many people ignore emails, a text message is a much better way to notify members of important start and end dates. Since timing is crucial for individual businesses, connecting with members can be extremely beneficial.

#3 Connecting With Your Clients

Do you want to be able to connect with your clients efficiently and simply? Mass texting is the best way to do this. With a mass text message service, you can get important messages out to your clients and get a response that is just as timely as your message. This means that if you have any new products, services, or details, you can inform your clients as quickly as they come out. This is a great marketing strategy that savvy business owners have adopted.

Take Advantage of this Innovative Way of Connecting

Since no one leaves their home without their phones, you do well to take advantage of text messages’ effectiveness. Mass texting is an affordable way for you to engage with individuals you want a response from. Instead of wasting your time calling or sending out emails, use a method that has been proven to be highly effective.