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The Harder They Fall ($THTF) Is Launching a New Gaming Metaverse in January 2022



The Harder They Fall ($THTF) is launching a new gaming metaverse that promises to be among the best in the industry. The platform is set in the Wild West and offers an exciting play-to-earn action-based gaming experience.

Users can engage in immersive gunfights, roulettes, duels and experience emotions unavailable in everyday life while connecting with other gamers.

The Harder They Fall developers aim to deliver an excellent gaming metaverse enabling players to feel like Wild West heroes. Users will battle their way through enemy territories and conquer them. The challenge is that the more they advance, the more formidable their enemies will come. Thus, the harder they come, the harder they fall.

Here’s the exciting premise of THTF:

The year is 1894. The dust starts to billow in a small town as a horse gallops fast through the streets. It comes to a stop. A man drops off the horse, dressed in bell-bottoms, a leather shirt, and a cowboy hat. He looks around slowly and sets his eyes on his target… YOU! Suddenly you realize he’s here to eliminate you. You whip out your gun, and a battle ensues. Who will be the winner? Well, that’s for you to decide when you play $THTF.

Development for the P2E duel-style game in the Wild West is ongoing. The platform should be available to gamers and crypto enthusiasts in early January 2022.

$THTF: The Native Token of the New Metaverse

$THTF is the native token of the upcoming P2E game. The Wild West-themed token aims to emerge as the future leader among meme tokens. Above all, it seeks to prove the competition that a new sheriff is in town.

The token developers understand that any meme token has massive potential to reach the moon. All it takes for the coin to increase in value is community support. Therefore, they have implemented a powerful marketing strategy to build an active community and propel the token to the moon.

Furthermore, the exquisite project plans to work with top influencers and spread the word about their token on crypto media. The team’s goal is to have their token enter the top 100 on CoinMarketCap, but the sky’s the limit.

The $THTF creators chose to build their token on the Binance Smart Chain. This will make the game efficient and affordable for all users.

How to Earn in the $THTF Metaverse

As the game’s native token, $THTF grants access to the metaverse and facilitates value transfer across the in-game economy. It also offers holders a way to earn passive income through its excellent tokenomics.

Essentially, $THTF is a win-win investment. That’s due to its limited supply of 1B tokens, with the starting price at launch being $0.0012.

Finally, the play-to-earn model presents an opportunity for gamers to get paid in crypto simply for playing. $THTF users exchange their time for real money while enjoying their passion for mayhem, violence, bloodshed, death, and sweet victory.

Join the Community and Earn Rewards!

Early investors in $THTF will hold a community-focused meme token that will become the focal point of a powerful ecosystem.

The game’s development team plans to attract a large community via regular AMMs and PRs with top influencers. They will also reward token holders through raffles, airdrops, and other giveaways.

To celebrate the festive season, $THTF will give out five PlayStation 5 consoles to the community. Lastly, the project has started a monthly scheme that gives 1% of the marketing wallet to a charity supporting cancer patients.

Join in! The New Sheriff is in Town! Buy and HODL a profitable token from a reliable team, enjoy the best P2E action-based game, and earn passive income.

To learn more about the upcoming game and metaverse and connect with the community, check out the resources below:

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