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Snapchat For Business: The Ultimate Marketing Guide



Snapchat For Business

Social media platforms have an unfathomable potential for marketing. If utilized correctly, it can be a game-changer for businesses of any stature and size. Countless social media platforms offer you business marketing options. Snapchat is among the top-ranked business platforms that provide attractive opportunities for marketing your business.

If you are already making good progress marketing your business on other platforms or just starting, come to Snapchat. It has excellent marketing options and the potential to take your business to the next level. And luckily, I will provide the best marketing guide to utilize in Snapchat for a rapid boost in your business.

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat was founded in 2011, and it still ranks among the top 15 social media platforms on the planet. Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube surely dominate the internet. But Snapchat is not so far behind in the competition. In 2020 January, Snapchat had 218 million users active per day.

Those numbers sure are no joke, attracting business marketers to dive into Snapchat and spread their business even more.

Target Audience In Snapchat

Before starting to market your business on Snapchat, you must know about the demographic nature of Snapchat and your potential target. Snapchat users, 82% of them, are younger than 35 years, and they spend 30 minutes on average on Snapchat. 

If your business relates to or sells products for this particular age group, Snapchat is a great place for your business to grow. And the younger audiences are possibly the best target for any type of business.

Set Up A Snapchat Business Account

Whether you have a big business or a small one, you must have a business account on Snapchat. A business account is essential on any social media platform, and your first initiative is to create an optimized business account on Snapchat.

A Snapchat business account unlocks many features for you and gives you the privilege to properly and effectively market your business. Some of the most influential and remarkable features are:

  1. You can advertise on Snapchat using Ads Manager.
  2. You can age-target your custom creations to reach the desired audience.
  3. You can specifically target customers from a particular area or locality.

Follow the instructions to create your Snapchat business account.

Create Snapchat Business Account

  • Download the Snapchat application from the app store on your device.
  • You can start by creating an account. First, you must enter all the relevant information that the app requires.
  • Now that the account is ready, you can create a business account as the next step. You can set it up using the Ads Manager. You will have to log in using the same password and username you used for the regular account.
  • You have to choose a legal name for your business and your country and currency in which you will do business. 

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Interact With The Customers

Social media is all about making connections. While the teenagers on Snapchat usually chat with friends, it does not take away the opportunity to get to them through ads. There is a chat button on Snapchat on the left side of the home screen. Using this button, Snapchatters connect. The button also acts as a link between the brands and individuals.

A ‘Discover’ button displays the content made by brands that use Snapchat for marketing. Take MTV, for example. As a result, Snapchat users spend 35% more time each day in the Discover section.

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Be Playful On Snapchat

Don’t be a party pooper when marketing your business on Snapchat. Post cheerful marketing content. This app is made for fun and casual; Snapchat is a fun-centric platform with a ghost as its mascot.

Add some extra cheese to the marketing ads. Let people find cool, funny, attractive, and lighthearted content more appealing on Snapchat.

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Create An Appearance 

Let the audience know that you are on Snapchat. Creating a buzz about your business is the first step. But keep in mind that Snapchat is a little different from other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram. So you need to know new and different techniques. Below are some of those techniques.

Cross-promote Your Snapchat Username

If you have a well-built audience on other platforms like Facebook, tell them that you are on Snapchat. Schedule Facebook posts and tweets about this.

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Create An “Add Me” URL

Go to settings in your Snapchat account, then click on the ‘username’ in the dropdown. Doing this will display your unique Snapchat “Add Me” URL. These URLs usually follow the same format: 

Create A Snapcode

A Snapcode is much like a QR code. Creating a Snapcode will help people find your account by scanning the code with their phones and tablets. To create a Snapcode –

  • Click on settings in your business account.
  • From the dropdown, select Snapcode.
  • Navigate to Snapcode to find the unique code of your business.

Use the Snapcode And URL In Your Marketing Materials

You can add the Snapcode and Snapchat URL almost everywhere. You can add it to your products, newsletter, other social media handles, and your business website.


Final Words

Knowing who your audience is, is the best strategy to market on any platform. And Snapchat has Snapchat insights, a built-in analytics tool to help you analyze your Snapchat posts, audience engagements and see who views your content.

There are many other tools and features that you can try on Snapchat. But I will suggest you get started first with the ones that I have given you. Then, let me know if this article helped you with Snapchat’s Business marketing strategies.

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