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Minim Inc (MINM) Announces Delisting from Nasdaq Due to Instability



On June 2, 2023, Minim Inc (MINM) will voluntarily delist from the Nasdaq Stock Market due to the company’s instability in the market. The decision was made after careful consideration by the Minim Inc (MINM) Board of Directors and management, who believe that the company’s current performance does not reflect its true value.

Minim Inc (MINM) is a technology company that provides solutions for home and small business networking. The company has been listed on Nasdaq since 2018 and has experienced a number of challenges in the market, including fluctuations in stock price and a lack of investor confidence.

In a statement released by Minim Inc (MINM), the company acknowledged the difficulties it has faced in the market and expressed its commitment to improving its financial performance and shareholder value. The company also noted that it will continue to operate as a public company and will explore alternative trading platforms in the future.

“We believe that our decision to delist from Nasdaq is in the best interests of our shareholders and the company as a whole,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO of Minim Inc (MINM). “We are committed to improving our financial performance and shareholder value, and we believe that by focusing on our core business and exploring alternative trading platforms, we can achieve these goals.”

The delisting of Minim Inc (MINM) from Nasdaq will not affect the company’s operations or its ability to continue to provide innovative networking solutions to its customers. The company remains committed to its mission of simplifying home and small business networking through its innovative products and services.

About Minim Inc (MINM)

Minim, Inc. (NASDAQ: MINM) was born in 1977 as a networking company and now delivers intelligent software to protect and improve the WiFi connections we depend on to work, learn, and live. Minim’s cloud platform powers intuitive apps and a variety of routers, helping customers take control of their connected experience and privacy. Headquartered in Manchester, N.H., Minim holds the exclusive global license to design and manufacture consumer networking products under the Motorola brand.

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