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Julie Condliffe’s Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors Unveils Ground-breaking Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme



In an inspiring move to revolutionise the pathways to the legal profession, Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors t/a Creative Legals is proud to announce the launch of an unprecedented Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme.

The programme is a brainchild of the firm’s founder, Julie Condliffe, who herself rose from humble beginnings and was given a lifeline to succeed in her legal career. Today, Julie Condliffe stands as a beacon of success, running a successful law firm and continuously reaching back to lift others up.

Julie Condliffe’s transformative journey serves as the bedrock of this apprenticeship. Deeply understanding the challenges of accessing elite professions, she firmly believes in the importance of not only leaving a legacy but actively living it. This apprenticeship is her way of extending opportunities to aspirants who might otherwise find the legal field inaccessible.

Julie Condliffe believes that “whilst it’s important to leave a legacy, it’s equally important to live a legacy.” Through this apprenticeship, she aims to level the playing field and extend opportunities to individuals who may have been precluded from entering the elite legal profession due to various socio-economic factors.

The comprehensive six-year programme is open to applicants with three A-levels and five GCSEs. The apprenticeship delivers hands-on legal training, culminating in a qualification as a solicitor, a credential that surpasses a law degree.

Inspired by Julie Condliffe’s background, this apprenticeship aims to break down financial barriers that often deter talented individuals from pursuing a career in law. This apprenticeship provides a unique opportunity to those who might otherwise find the legal field inaccessible due to socio-economic constraints.

One of the standout features of this programme is its financial accessibility. It is designed to alleviate financial stress from students and their parents by providing a platform where individuals can earn while they learn. This approach offers dual benefits – it shields students from the burden of long-term student finance debt and relieves parents of substantial financial commitments traditionally associated with higher education.

The financial advantages of this apprenticeship are significant.

Consider these figures:

– Tuition fees loan: £9,250 per year, totalling to £27,750 for three years

– Maintenance loan: An average of £10,466 per year, adding up to £31,398 for three years

– SQE exams: £4,564

– Total potential debt: £63,712

Contrast this with the starting apprentice salary of £21,000 per year. Over the course of the apprenticeship, individuals could potentially be £84,000 better off, making a substantial difference in the financial outlook of young professionals.

As Julie Condliffe articulates, “This apprenticeship is more than an educational opportunity; it’s a beacon of hope, a financial game-changer. It’s an opportunity for ambitious young individuals to break down barriers, to reach their dreams, and join a legacy of success.”

With the launch of this apprenticeship, Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors reaffirms its dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the legal profession. It marks a significant stride towards living the legacy that Julie Condliffe envisions – a legacy of equal opportunity, shared success, and collective advancement.

Please visit our website or contact our office directly for more information about the apprenticeship programme.

Join us on this transformative journey to live a legacy and shape a more inclusive future for the legal profession.

About Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors 

Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors is a premier law firm, known for its innovative approach to legal services. Under the guidance of Julie Condliffe, a legal professional with an awe-inspiring journey, the firm is steadfast in its commitment to delivering quality legal services and nurturing the next generation of legal professionals.

About Julie Condliffe 

Julie Condliffe, the founder of Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors, is a symbol of tenacity, ambition, and dedication. Her journey from modest beginnings to becoming a successful solicitor inspires many. A strong advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the legal profession,

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