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Intimity’s Airdrop to go Live Soon, Opening Doors for Users to Hold the $INT Token



Intimity has announced that its airdrop will take place on January 14, involving 1 billion tokens. Users will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get tokens before joining the exchange and earn profits, consequently. Later on, there will be a public sale on DxSale. However, the platform is yet to announce the dates.

Intimity is a decentralized project that combines income, sex education, exclusive adult content in the style of nude and boudoir (live broadcasts), and NFT. You can also use private chats to communicate with girls anonymously and request video streams.

The Solution to Issues in the Adult Industry

The quality of shooting and the possibilities of the internet have improved. It is due to changing global conditions and, as a result, changing technology. It makes it convenient and straightforward for content creators to create content at home. However, this poses a problem in duplicating and copying content to other websites.

Intimity intends to use blockchain technology to solve all its problems and implement a revolutionary innovation in the adult content industry. Their cryptocurrency $INT wields the magic wand that can solve all problems. Power is being restored to content producers thanks to the application package supported by $INT.

Content creators can use NFTs certified on the blockchain to sell their unique content to their fans. The owner can resell these pieces of content, and the creator ensures fair compensation by earning a percentage of royalties on each sale. 

Intimity explicitly designed the $INT token as a payment method for adult content. The $INT token is designed specifically for adult content creators to use a charge approach. It ensures the platform pays them without a chargeback or account closure.

$INT Token

Intimity created $INT, a deflationary Binace Smart Chain token. It is used on ‘Not Safe For Work’ websites and applications.

Tokenomics is used to reward holders. To name a few, investors will use the $INT payments to purchase photos and video NFTs, subscriptions, tipping creators, and purchasing products. The buyer retains some anonymity because the purchase does not appear on their credit card statements.


Intimity has allocated the $INT token in the following ways. First, the public sale takes 43.50% of the total token supply. Liquidity takes 34.80%, while the team takes 10 %. In addition, there is a marketing allocation of 5.7% to spread the word on the project. Content creators who participate in the project are awarded  the 5% set aside. 1% of the total tokens will get utilized for the upcoming airdrop.

There is a 3% fee reflected for all holders for passive income when it comes to the fees. Through this, they can watch their balance of Intimity grow indefinitely. There is also a 2% added to a liquidity pool. Here, the platform generates liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.

What is Next for the Project?

According to the roadmap, the first activity for January 2022 is already complete; launching an NFT market demo. The next stop will be launching merchandise production then the public token sale through DxSale. From there, the $INT token will be listed on PancakeSwap.

Between February and March 2022, we will see community growth, more creators, unique content production, and an NFT marketplace launch. There will also be a Visa/Mastercard integration. 

From there, the rest of the year will be expanding community and creators. The WebChat, Sex Education, and its blockchain development will also occur. Also, we can expect more listings from exchanges. 

About Intimity

Intimity is a brand new cutting-edge platform that allows users to view specific content from creators anonymously. Users can also shop for NFT photos and films with adult content, participate in online chats, watch video streams, and much more. You can read more about the project on their:





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