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Important criteria for ETM listed by emirex in September



In September, Emirex, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Dubai, announced that it would list ETM.

According to the latest information from Emirex, this exchange will officially list ETM in September this year. This is the first exchange in Dubai that allows investors to buy and sell ETM. Previously, this exchange has listed several other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Basic Attention Token (BAT). 

Once a cryptocurrency is listed on Emirex, it can also be listed on other exchanges in Dubai. Therefore, this could be a major turning point for ETMs in reaching new investors. 

Nowadays, blockchain technology, through the token it provides, accelerates the development of worldwide trade in goods. Unsurprisingly, Emirex wants to be one of an innovative platform that includes an exchange, and a marketplace where users can exchange any store of value for digital assets. It maintains 24/7 support accompanied by time-proven platform stability that guarantees the safety of assets and data. The team highly values the power of digital assets and strives to make this world a place with more economic freedom through public, open, fair, censorship-resistant networks that serve humanity.

This year, Emirex decided to send more trades or deals. Leave the UI is a type of conversation with the most recent course anticipates the site. It is feasible to stress overexploiting the new workmanship exchange as the issue of craftsman specialists is turning into an everyday interest on the web. What’s more, the security structure looks normal, crypto-viable and its benefits are mainly on the scene for payment of trade fees and various fees.

In keeping with the strategic position of the Middle East in the global electronic trading market, ETM was born with the advantages. These include the following:

Staking Insurance

ETM works with Unslashed Finance to ensure stakes against staking risks from slashing.

Low supply 

Only 55,000,000 ETM will be ever exist

Growing Protocol Ecosystem

The growing ETM ecosystem lets you put your staked ETH to use across Curve, Yearn, Sushi, 1inch and more to compound rewards.

ETM Development plan 

The company committed that ETM’s price will be developing as their plan. 

Biggest Ethereum pool

ETM is the leading Ethereum staking pool letting you benefit from efficient liquidity and pool security.

A global community

Chat with the team, others in the community, and have your say in shaping the future of the ETM protocol.

Realistic use cases 

ETM can be used in Sports Betting, Casino Gaming, Blockchain Lottery, Arcade Machines. eCommerce and Travel Booking

Limited distribution 

You can only own ETM in 2 ways:

• Buy on Decentralized Exchanges 

• Invest in the Ethersmart platform

Every Ethersmart account is connected to the Ethersmart blockchain. As a result, each physical outlet is part of the Ethersmart blockchain and developers from all over the world can connect with the Ethersmart ecosystem.

To create is a token platform mainly for issuing tokenized assets. ETM token is established by an ERC20 token, One of the most significant Ethereum tokens. ERC-20 has emerged as the technical standard; it is used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for token implementation and provides a list of rules that all Ethereum-based tokens must follow.

ERC-20 is similar, in some respects, to bitcoin, Litecoin, and any other cryptocurrency; ERC-20 tokens are blockchain-based assets that have value and can be sent and received. The primary difference is that instead of running on their blockchain, ERC-20 tokens are issued on the Ethereum network.

Now Ethersmart proved that funds are generated from other sources. Moreover, it wants your deposits for the Blockchain ETH network to pay its members. With benefits to participating in the Ethersmart offering. It will be a great potential for the user and the technology businesses. 

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