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How Does Revit Help Building Product Manufacturer Create Better Business Models?



Product Manufacturer

Building product Manufacturers processes are an integrated set of activities that help a business meet both its customer service and product quality objectives. 

The entire process typically starts with product concept and design, all the way to actual production through to full production roll-off. While the entire process varies depending upon the size, scope and complexity of the business, there are a number of general processes that apply to most businesses. These include:

In order to get the building product manufacturer started, the concept must be communicated to all key decision makers. All stakeholders should be included in the concept and design process. 

Once the idea is agreed upon and implemented, a master design tool is created and delivered to the manufacturer. This tool typically includes sketches of the product, draft designs, and engineering data, all of which are designed to provide critical information to the manufacturer as it develops the concept and seeks market approval.

What is manufacturing facility is established and constructed?

With the concept and design complete, a manufacturing facility is established and construction begins. Many building product manufacturer utilize either modular or molds in order to manufacture their products. In order to help building product manufacturers set up and maintain their facilities, contract manufacturers are often called on to assist. 

These companies can offer expert help in many areas, including supervising fabrication and assembly processes, providing on-site service, providing quality management services, and more. In addition, they can also help in collecting requirements and payments and in delivering and receiving finished products.

Process of Assembling and Delivering Final Building Products Manufacturer

The process of assembling and delivering final building products is usually done by an architect. Because building product manufacturers often have extensive portfolios of architects they can call upon at any point, an architect is an important part of the whole delivery process. 

Architectural services range from evaluating the architectural drawings and supplying appropriate software and staff to fully constructing and designing the project.

Which Help Building Product Manufacturers will contact local Architects?

In some cases building product manufacturers will contact local architects to help with the delivery process. In other cases, an architect will be asked to participate in the process at the beginning of the project. In both cases, it is advisable for product manufacturers to work closely with local architects. 

Product manufacturers should provide the local architects with detailed information regarding their products, including data on materials, measurements, design specifications, and more. By doing so, product manufacturers gain invaluable insight into the needs of their customers and provide the best possible solutions.

Requirements Of Digital Experience Platform

Architects typically provide feedback on a wide variety of issues including whether the products specified in the plans meet the requirements; whether there are any defects; and whether the building product manufacturer followed the prescribed specifications. Product manufacturers should ask their architects for their opinion on all aspects of the project. 

Product specifications and e-specs are typically provided on the company’s website, but an architect can also provide valuable input by reviewing the e-specs and providing in-person observations regarding the proposed project. 

The architect may suggest additional modifications that directly affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the design. This information is valuable to product developers since it helps them tailor future designs to meet the needs of their customers.

Why does Digital Experience Platform need architectural Products?

Product manufacturers may also contact prospective architects to discuss the feasibility of using certain technologies or materials. When doing so, it is important for the product manufacturers to keep all options and costs in mind. It is common practice for architects to recommend a certain technology or material, whether it meets the architectural needs of the customer or not. 

Since many building professionals have specific expertise in only one or two architectural fields, it is often best for product manufacturers to employ their recommendations. However, if the product does not contain certain features, the architect may suggest alternative approaches that would serve the same purpose.

Product Developers and Designers

Product developers and designers typically work together with engineers. In building product manufacturers can get additional input from the engineers. Product developers often use the information they gather to improve the product’s features and effectiveness. 

This allows the product manufacturer to deliver a superior product while spending less time and resources on content creation.