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DIY Organization Tips for New Homeowners



Organization Tips

There is nothing quite as overwhelming as a home that is disorganized. Without proper organizational tools and processes in place, your home will quickly feel cluttered and too difficult to manage. It is also not necessary to break the bank trying to implement these organizational tools. Here are four DIY organizational tips for new homeowners looking to simplify their lives without spending a fortune.

Organizing Your Pantry

If you are looking for a good place to start your home organizational efforts, look no further than your kitchen pantry. An organized pantry will make it easier to keep your counters less cluttered because everything will have a place.

Clear canisters will help you to keep your nonperishables such as cereal, oats, flour, and sugar fresher while still making it a breeze to quickly locate what you are looking for. If your pantry has a door that swings open, consider using the backside of this to hang a rack for spices and condiments. You can also use this door space to hang hooks for aprons, towels, or other items that you want to keep handy but out of sight. This will help you to maximize space.

Create a Detailed Calendar

Many homeowners do an admirable job organizing their material belongings within their home but fail to organize their time. If your schedule is not organized, you cannot expect to lead a life that feels organized.

A printable calendar is an easy tool for you to create on your own. This custom calendar will allow you to personalize your printing to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can create your calendar at the beginning of each month or create one for the year and add to it as needed. Use this calendar to keep track of work meetings, kids’ activities, family to-do lists, and more. Because it is customizable, you can make it anything that you need it to be in order to keep your schedule organized.

Keep a Donate Bin Handy

In order to avoid having a home that feels too cluttered, you need to get rid of unused items every time that you bring new things into the home. One of the best ways to make it easier is to make regular runs to the donation center. 

Keeping a donation bin handy in your home will simplify this process even further so you can efficiently declutter your home while giving to a charitable cause. It is a lot easier to toss a sweater you no longer wear in a bin that is already sitting in your closet rather than having to set aside a dedicated amount of time each month to go through your clothing. This strategy will also help to keep your closet and clothing drawers more organized.

Give Your Garage a Little TLC

If you are like many homeowners, your garage is one of the most disorganized areas of your home. It is easy to push this area to the bottom of your organizational goals list because it is out of view from most visitors. However, you will find that you are able to be more productive with home improvement projects and outdoor chores if your garage is orderly.

Be sure to utilize the overhead space in your garage to store items that you do not use frequently. For example, high shelves in the garage are an ideal place to store holiday decorations, and ceiling bike racks are a great way to utilize the space in your garage. Do not let this extra space go to waste when you can use it to your advantage.

While it may take a little time on the front end, you will be glad that you made the effort to organize your home. In the process, your entire life will feel more organized.