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Carter Lumber Has Received Veteran Friendly Employer Status Again



Carter Lumber has been designated as a Veteran Friendly Employer by the National Veterans
Chamber of Commerce.

For 2022, one of Carter Lumber’s goals is to bring to light the numerous opportunities they have available
for veterans. They recognize that veterans bring a great deal to the table: leadership, teamwork, problem
solving, decision making, and honesty, to name a few. Having employees with these attributes will allow
Carter Lumber the opportunity to continue to grow and improve. In return, they hope to provide
veterans with rewarding careers that complement their skills and allow them to foster a meaningful
mission after their service.

Carter Lumber teamed up with the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce to attain designation as a
Veteran Friendly Employer. The VCC’s mission is to promote collaboration and support innovative ideas
that will address military/veteran challenges faced during pre- and post- transition. They strategize in
education, employment, family, wellness, and entrepreneurship.

“At Carter Lumber, we recognize that veterans have the same core values as our company: hard work,
dedication, and honesty. Because of their years of service and commitment to their duty, we can wholeheartedly rely on our veteran employees to go the extra mile to get the job done and work together as a
team.” -Adam Lombard, Vice President.

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In 2021, Carter Lumber was certified as a Veteran Friendly Employer by the Michigan Veterans Affairs
Agency. Today, they are proud to receive another designation and look forward to the opportunity it will
bring not only them as a company, but the veterans who choose Carter Lumber for employment.

About Carter Lumber
Carter Lumber was founded in 1932 by W.E. Carter. What started as a single lumberyard in
Akron, Ohio, is represented today by seven brands servicing professional builders and
homeowners across thirteen states with more than 160 locations. Despite the growth, they
remain a family-owned company

Media Contact:
Kally Derylak – Recruitment Marketing

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