Business owners don’t worry when applying for Refund Merchant Authorization Fee



Business owner Eren Deanzer, a car garage owner, said that he tries every day to grow with the support of SBA Lynx Payment.

“We’re all going to face pressure. People can take their time, or be directly affected by pressure, but I don’t worry. That’s life and you have to adapt to it,” Deanzer said.

After being approved for the Refund Merchant Authorization Fee program last month, Mr. Deanzer felt more secure when he was supported by a large organization and reimbursed for his credit card processing related expenses.

In response to questions about being under pressure when register in the Refund Merchant Authorization Fee, Mr. Deanzer emphasized: “As a business owner, you have a lot of things to handle. So you have to put the interests of your business first. If I receive support from organizations, I am willing to accept and comply with regulations. I don’t allow anyone to stop me from getting support.”

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Mr. Eren Deanzer’s business has received support for Authorization Fee, in addition, approved a program to eliminate credit card processing fees. On average, he saves 500-600 dollars per month, and increases his revenue by 10-15%, which is a good sign after the US economy stabilizes again. Businesses can grow and get better with each month of using the program. Deanzer also thinks that he has come out of his comfort zone and enjoys this.

SBA Lynx Payment takes care of supporting small businesses, with the Refund Merchant Cost Forgiveness program, business owners can apply online, quickly and extremely efficiently.

SBA Lynx Payment encourages potential applicants to fill out the online forms at their business locations so that the intelligent censorship system can detect if their location is in a low-income community and assess it as eligible.

How do I apply for a Refund Merchant Authorization Fee?

If you previously applied for a Merchant Cost Forgiveness, you will receive an invitation by email inviting you to apply for the Refund Merchant Authorization Fee..

Applicants will apply by fill out the Form RMAF:


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