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10 Things You Need On Your Boat this Summer



Your summer of fun out on the water goes far beyond just securing the perfect boat for your needs. In order to make the most out of the season, you need to equip your boat with all of the right essentials. Here are 10 things that you need on your boat this summer.

Fire Extinguisher

While it may seem odd to be worried about the fire while out on the water, boat fires do happen occasionally. You can protect everyone on your boat with a fire extinguisher. Be sure that you know how to operate it correctly before you set sail.

Life Jackets and Life Preservers

Safety first should be your motto when you launch your boat. It is imperative that you have enough life jackets for every passenger on your boat. Kids should wear their life jackets at all times. You also need to have a throwable life preserver to toss to people struggling in the water.

GPS Tracker

Do not count on your smartphone to provide GPS service, especially if you are boating in remote areas. A specially designed GPS tracking device will help you to navigate and deal with potential issues should they arise. A real-time GPS tracking system will ensure that you always know where you are headed and where you need to be.

A Good Knife

A strong knife is essential for a variety of tasks that you may need to perform on your boat, including cutting rope, slicing up the bait, and more. It goes without saying that you need to keep this knife in a protective covering and out of the reach of children.

Extra Drinking Water

The last thing that you want to be caught without is enough drinking water. Do not underestimate how hot it can get on the water. The heat can quickly lead to dehydration if you are not drinking enough water. Be sure to check that you have enough cool water for every passenger before you launch your watercraft.

Emergency Signal Flares

When boating, it is important to always prepare for the worst. A good signal flare is an invaluable necessity for your boat. This flare should be able to emit plenty of smoke and light so that it can be seen at all hours and from miles away. You will enjoy more peace of mind if you know you have this on your boat.

Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and a First Aid Kit

Your boat should also be equipped with sunscreen, bug spray, and a first aid kit. By keeping a supply of these essentials on board, you do not have to worry about packing them each time you take out the boat. Your first-aid kit should be stocked with bandages, antiseptic ointment, medication, and small tools such as tweezers and scissors. You want to be able to treat minor cuts and bruises easily while also being prepared to deliver immediate attention for more severe needs. Be sure to keep plenty of motion sickness medication in your first aid kit.

Boat Paddle

You cannot predict when you may need a paddle to get you to shore. A boat paddle can get you out of a serious predicament if your engine stops. Choosing a folding paddle will ensure that this item does not take up too much precious real estate on your boat.

Dry Box

Every experienced boater understands the importance of a dry box. You cannot control where the water will land on your boat. Use this box to store valuables such as your phone, wallet, or anything that you want to keep dry, such as your shoes. There are also specially designed dry bags if you prefer that option.

All the Fun Stuff

Once you have the essentials in place, you can look into adding all the extra fun items. An inflatable boat slide will provide hours of fun to the kids so that the adults can kick back and relax while the boat is not in motion. Other fun accessories to consider keeping on your boat include a drink cooler or a portable grill.

These 10 items for your boat will ensure that this is your best summer out on the water yet.

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